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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Obama's Mission Impossible? by David Reinhart

Today a friend called Obama's negotiation at the WH political ju-jitsu. I like the ju-jitsu metaphor but its more than just Reps vs Dems here. Its also which Reps and which Dems. Pres Obama will have to perform at least three maneuvers that I see coming. 

First, help Boehner save face against Cantor and the Cut&Balance TeaP posers. 

Second, help Reid out maneuver McConnell who has said his number 1 priority is to defeat Obama. Reid will need enough to keep the Dems on board while attracting a few Reps over. We saw how hard that was during the health care debate. 

Third, also help Pelosi bring her wing along as well (reasonable house Dems willing to negotiate) by not giving too much on entitlements and yet cutting so-called inefficiencies like letting Medicare negotiate like the VA does to save on costs. 

–Three major movements that would challenge Peter Graves. But that’s the mission, if you choose to accept it…… this tape will self destruct in 5 seconds. 

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