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Friday, July 29, 2011

Recall Luther Olsen But Not For Babysitter Allegations

It is extremely important that all eligible voters make every attempt to go, vote and recall Luther Olsen from his Senate seat.  Putting breaks on the Walker regime is the responsibility of every reasonable person in Wisconsin and recalling Luther Olsen means just that.  Senator Olsen has marched in lock step with the Governor, and in doing so he is causing serious damage to our State and for that he needs to be recalled on August 9.

‪Luther Olsen = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

However, Senator Luther Olsen should not be recalled for what he is being accused of doing in his personal life.  To recap: in a story yesterday, reported that Senator Luther Olsen was involved with a teenage babysitter some years ago.  Though no official complaints appear to have been filed, all sorts of sordid details were hinted at.

Let's make it very clear: These are unsubstantiated accusations for something that may or may not have happened and until real evidence emerges that illegal actions took place, this is nothing more than politics of personal destruction and Defend Wisconsin News Round Up will not support that.

Luther "Baby Daddy" Olsen? | PolitiScoop

There is no question that this is a hot time in Wisconsin politics.  These are historic times and passions are running high.  But when we accuse people on the other side of unethical behavior, we become no better than those who accuse us of the same behavior when an opportunity emerges.  One of the best things about Wisconsin Protests is that people of Wisconsin have become engaged, energized and passionate about the impact that politics and politicians can have on our lives.  This is happening because we see those rights and privileges some of us took for granted become endangered and disappear.  We see leaders of our Senate and Assembly irresponsibly violate public meeting laws and re-write laws they do not like in order to help those who stand behind the scenes get a good bang for that buck they put in a politician's pocket.

Because of it, going forward, we need good people to want to become involved in public service.  This New Guard needs to rise up because of the opportunity to make difference, to defend that which we hold dear.  Digging up allegations of past indiscretion, while may further our opinion of someone we may already not like, does nothing to help engage people in wanting to become involved in public service and that is wrong.

Yes, there are times when bringing up someone's personal life to point out hypocrisy in their politics is fitting and relevant.  Republican politicians engaged in gay bashing who later turn out to be gay themselves is relevant because it points out the flaws of their argument and highlights their dishonesty.

Top 10 Anti-Gay Politicians Caught Being Gay: Anti-Gay Activists Out of The Closet

Or take a recent story of a lawmaker accusing President Obama of financial mismanagement while himself owing over $100,000 in back child support.  Congressman Joe Walsh (R) calls the report a "hit piece" but there is nothing wrong with reporting that a public official is being sued, especially when it highlights the inconsistency between his politics and personal life.

Ill. Congressman responds to child support report -

However, unless someone can point to specific and documented violations of the law by Senator Luther Olsen, what he did or did not do in his personal life is between him, his family and the higher power.  Defend Wisconsin believes strongly that State Senator Luther Olsen should be recalled on August 9 but not for the babysitter accusations.  


  1. I disagree. We have one reasonably detailed news report based on two undisclosed sources. Additionally, when asked, Olsen refused to say anything.

    This story is relevant for at least two reasons: 1) Olsen voted to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, whose chief task is to prevent unwanted pregnancies; and 2) Because Olsen has denounced abortion for any reason. Did the babysitter have an abortion, and if so, who paid for it?

  2. I disagree as well. if Anthony wiener can be forced to resign for send that pic, Olsen should be voted out.As far as i am concerned he is guilty.If i were ever approached and someone asked me if a committed such an act i would definitely go on the record and tell them i didn't do anything of the sort. only the guilty need time to get their story straight.

  3. I am voting for Olsen. We need to cut spending, PERIOD. That is the key. Taxing the rich only makes the people that make jobs here move away. It's a no brainer. Wisconsin will not become yet another state bankrupted by the unions and democrats.

  4. Cutting spending just for the sake of cutting spending is idiotic. Is there wasteful government spending? Sure there is. But every single dollar is going to keep someone employed somewhere. Take trillions from the budget and lay off a few million more people, yeah, that'll help the economy. Nobody is saying we should over tax the rich, we're just expecting them to pay their fair share.

    As to Olsen, he represents Walker and the Republicans, not his constituents like me.

  5. This one-sided scruple garbage is ridiculous. He is another family-values babysitter screwer. We need to hold these fascists up and say "DO NOT SCREW THE BABYSITTER, YOU FASCIST!"

    There are a LOT of reasons why rich fascists like Olsen get away scotty-walker-free on this kind of felonious scummy stuff. Starting with BIG PAYOFFS. People accept hush money, and they get hushed, and the perp victimizes others.