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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday morning news round up

Latest from Fitzwalkerstan: School district could gain from state budget--if board raises taxes - setting up a battle between teachers and taxpayers with the school board in the middle.

With Walker, it's clear which groups he favors - JSOnline

Support Union Longshormen in their Fight for Survival

This is What Democracy Looks Like in Wisconsin

Pasch, Darling use weekend to push votes before primary - TODAY'S TMJ4

The perpetual campaign

Playing politics

Once again, political football

Voters to get their say in recall primaries Tuesday

Olsen, Hopper Recall Efforts Boosted by Non-Wisconsin Elements

Joel McNally: Walker administration hazardous to health

Barrett appeals to Walker to support grant application

Democrats, GOP Agree: Ryan Race Is National

How to Save the U.S. Labor Movement

Public assests won't come back once they're gone

Web Training May Suffice for Wisconsin Concealed-Carry

Gov. Scott Walker, schools superintendent Tony Evers unite on ...

The Prison story just won't go away...Prison inmates replace unionized workers in Racine, Wisconsin

Letters: Poor, elderly are hurt with budget

Did you know?  There's...A new optimism in Wisconsin

Diverse group promises to work together to forge a new system

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