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Friday, July 22, 2011

Protest Story of the Day: Losses to the Working Families of Wisconsin

Today's Protest Story of the Day came from Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.  Titled "Losses to the Working Families of Wisconsin", this summary covers the period from January until July 15, 2011.

This grim list of losses to the quality of life in Wisconsin includes several categories:

  • Attacks on Worker Freedom and Protections
  • Transfer of More Wealth to Corporations & Rich Investors
  • Taxes Increased for Low-Income Wisconsinites
  • Massive Cuts to Public Education - Yet More Taxpayer Funds for Private Schools
  • Limits in Health Care Coverage
  • Harm to Local Government and its Vital Services
  • Power Grab:  Loss of Balanced, Clean and Open Government
  • Job Loss Due to Rejection of Federal Rail Funds
  • New Legislative District Map Rigged to Benefit Republicans

Perhaps American Legislative Exchange Council would view all of these as benefits but those who experienced the not-too-distant times when Wisconsin government at every level, provided good quality services, mourn what happened to Wisconsin since January of this year.

For this great, comprehensive and easy to read (yet extensive) summary, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Losses to the Working Families of Wisconsin gets Defend Wisconsin News Round Up nod as Protest Story of the Day.

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