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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Protest News Round Up

After Signing Law Disenfranchising ID-less Voters, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Closes 10 DMV Offices

The Paul Ryan Watch: Big talker Ryan has a long record of non-achievement after 12 years in House


The View | Gov. Scott Walker Strikes Again

Hudson Patch Debate Between Shelly Moore and Sheila Harsdorf Will Be Streamed Live

20110725 Balloons and Hope

Walker Guy Stabs Protester’s Balloon and Bloodies Himself

Where's Walker? Whose Fair? OUR Fair! Scooter Walker at State Fair

Protester Nearly Stabbed By DOA Employee in WI Capitol and Revenge of Balloons!! « segwayjeremy

Save Our Schools Madison Rally

The Patriots' Picnic

Lawmakers Discuss 'Toxic' Atmosphere At Capitol

We Are Wisconsin » Milwaukee-Area Voters are Fed Up with Sen. Darling, Energized


Local Video - Representative Jorgensen talking about DMV center being closed in Fort Atkinson

Another Assault at the Capitol

Not My Darling

Sen. Johnson’s Former Campaign Aide Criticizes Him for Holding Up Judicial Nominee

Madison360: Prison policy a bonanza for GOP demagogues

Show This To Your Fiscally Conservative Friends And Family

Wisconsin Capitol building employee attacks balloon then protester. One witness describes the event.

Wisconsin: Walker Shuts Down DMV Offices in Democratic Areas After Passing Voter ID Law | FDL  News.

Editorial: Public misses out on voicing reaction to redistricting plan | Green Bay Press Gazette | 

Our view: Western Wisconsin cheated again

Eye on Wisconsin: Hopper Coached Cass on Scoring State Job​ws/local/govt-and-politics/on-​politics/article_e57a7a14-b6f0​-11e0-a0cb

How to Apply for an Absentee Ballot | Defend Wisconsin

Lake Mills Community Group

You really should: Donate Today To Help Shit Scott Walker Upgrade To A Better Camera

Walker allows new legislative mapping, doesn't OK actual maps yet - JSOnline

Ha! Wisconsin inhospitable to green businesses - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Walker to close 10 DMV offices after passing voter ID law | The Raw Story

Gov. Scott Walker closes Wisconsin DMV offices in Democratic areas that could provide voter I.D. | 

First Meeting of the Flambeau Chapter of the Vilas County Democrats

Politics blog: Police investigate alleged stabbing at Capitol

Teamster Nation: 7 'Recall Walker' signs within a few blocks of his house

Enemies Of The State: The Kochs

Daily Kos: Wisconsin - An Open letter to Vicki McKenna (Madison Right Wing Talk Radio Host)

Vote Early Wisconsin

Anti-Gay Group Pours Money Into Wisconsin

Shit Scott Walker Is Doing To My State
The Capitol Facilities Manager came up behind Leslie Amsterdam as she was about to pose for a photo with a balloon and stabbed it multiple times. She didn't know who he was and repeatedly asked him for id. When she said she was going to file an incident report with the police he grabbed her and threw her into a bathroom door. She didn't know if he still had the knife. She was not cut but she was assaulted.

Several stories worth reading including 400 prisoners in California on hunger strike.  ALEC story is the last one...The big stories eclipsed by debt crisis coverage - Mobile

Scott Walker signs SB-150 (Local municipalities redistricting)

Monologues of Dissent confirmed: there has been a stabbing at the Capitol. Peace activist Leslie Amsterdam was attacked by Ron Blair, a state employee who pulled a knife to pop the balloons she was carrying and stabbed himself instead. Balloons are Public Enemy #1 in the State of Wisconsin, where corporations don't pay taxes and people don't have jobs.

This deserves special recognition...Republicans for Obama

Madison 1670 WTDY - Representative Andy Jorgensen on WTDY

Memo regarding potential impacts of federal debt ceiling situation in Wisconsin from DOA Sec. Huebsch.​leases/July11/0725/0725doa.pdf

Segment Detail - Luther Olsen's official interview on recall

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