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Sunday, July 10, 2011

News Round Up Special: Redistricting is here - now what?

3 days ago: Redrawing the map of FitzWalkerstan | The Progressive

Mike McCabe "Rumors are rampant in the capitol that it could even be unveiled as early as this week. The legislature would act quickly and both houses having it finished by the end of July."

News Breaks:
With recalls pending, GOP to push through redistricting plan - JSOnline

Flashback to May 12, 2011:
Dems fear GOP will race to redistrict before recall elections
“You talked to Democrats who ‘think’ that Republican leaders have these grand plots,” Andrew Welhouse, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, says in an email response to questions about GOP plans. “I guess I’ll leave it up to your journalistic standards if their motivated speculation is worth reporting on.”

GOP leaders unveil redistricting maps

Republican lawmakers release redistricting plans, recalls likely factor in speed

GOP redistricting maps make dramatic changes - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

GOP plan aims to protect Duffy seat - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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