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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wisconsin Idea: Charles McCarthy 1912

Why is Wisconsin the target of the Koch Brothers and other 19th Century thinkers? Many people want to take their government back and I must admit between the Koch's and Karl Rove followers we have a real fight on our hands. Progressive Wisconsin is on the verge of losing it's soul to people who wish to invest without restrictions and strip away everything of real meaning for this state.

It is not about any "deficit" in Wisconsin. It was always about a new "Social Engineering" that will once again institute sweat shops, destroy our timber, pollute our waters on the surface and underground and tear down the middle class of this state. This New Republican group has sold their collective souls to the devil incarnate and this two headed monster is not just the Koch Brothers but others including Congressman Paul Ryan.

And then I found what the Koch Brothers don't want you to know or understand. They chose Wisconsin to tear apart. Our Progressive Movement helped to balance good business practices and enabled not only business to prosper but ushered in an era of a strong middle class through fair labor practices and ending cronyism in government with Civil Service and quality education.

The Wisconsin Idea, by Charles McCarthy (1912), reports about the "Reasons For It" (Progressivism). McCarthy writes this book several years before Ayn Rand writes her fictional stories that would become the New Bible of the Greed Wing of humankind. McCarthy shows what having a soul looks like. After reading just the first chapter of this book and a 1930 Milwaukee Journal article entitled A Third of a Century of La Folletteism; I am convinced that the Kochs efforts to turn our state into a Somalia may have a real problem. WE THE PEOPLE do not like and will not tolerate unfairness to business, middle class, or the poor. The graphic above is explained in the First Chapter of McCarthy's book. Read it and you will see why the RECALLS are so important and we must succeed!

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