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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday morning news round up

Prossergate: Week 3

Protest Page of the Day: Support Bill Cronon

Dear Mr. (certainly not representing me!) Ryan

Walker says he wants to work with Democrats - JSOnline

No Class Warfare Here!

Teamster Nation: WI recall heating up (VIDEO)

‪Alberta Darling Embraces Ryan Plan to End Medicare‬‏ - YouTube

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast | Press Room

Pasch edges out Darling in latest poll

Worst assault in Sen. Johnson's lifetime? Obamacare

Wisc Rep Mark Pocan takes on Wisconsin's partisan redistricting process

Wisconsin's Scott Walker Concedes Mistakes, Defends Policies // Current

Just for laughs...Top 10 Anti-Gay Activists Caught Being Gay

The Sconz stirs up trouble for Dem recall candidates! - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Teamster Nation: Bringing the thunder on the WI Truth Tour

The Political Environment: Walker Continues His False, Self-Serving Narrative

Wis. GOP State Senate Candidate: 'Why Not Teach Creationism' And Put A Cross In School?

Justice Rears Her Head in Wisconsin As Kathy Nickolaus is Investigated by GAB

Because some things are too cool to ignore...Troops march in San Diego's gay pride parade

The Center for Media and Democracy's PR Watch

Racine Young Democrats - Like them!

The Young Progressives

The sign makes a good point...

Let's Just Admit It, Shall We?

Wisconsin recall Republican denies domestic abuse, insists he doesn't 'smoke rocks'

Redistricting: Sen. Wirch and two opponents will live outside their district | Defend Wisconsin

Waukesha Watch: Non-partisan citizen exit poll

Adopt a WI Democratic Recall Election Candidate

Discreet nonprofit American Legislative Exchange Council writes bills for conservative lawmakers |..

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Statewide Event List, Saturday, July 16th | MyBlog

Sen. Dinglehopper’s sleazy attacks won’t erase his tax avoidance

"Stan Milam alerted us, “Recall delay really about redistricting”! Thanks, Stan!!" by We the People.

This may seem a bit confusing...Walker Backers Watching Walker Stalkers

Which headline was your favorite?

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