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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monday morning news round up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Special: Koch Brothers

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Special: Wisconsin Pages of Protest - DIRECTORY

'Madness Abounds' as Fake Candidates Confuse Wisconsin Recalls

Footnote: Does a photo ID need to have the current address on it to be valid for voting?

Wisconsin Election & Candidate Coverage, Voter Resources and Information

The Koch Brothers & Their Amazing Climate Change Denial Machine


Homeless Middle Class

Homo Politicus...The Mad Ravings of the Political Sociopath | Library Grape

Because Paul Krugman is required reading: No, We Can’t? Or Won’t?

From "Support Bill Cronon"
"For anyone keeping up with the recalls and redistricting in WI - "If Dems can prove that the GOP’s move undermines the federal Voting Rights Act and negatively affects minority access to elect a candidate, Dems have a chance in federal court, away from Justice Prosser’s chokehold."Wisconsin Republicans to redistrict Dem candidates out of their homes. Dems fire back federal lawsui

Anonymous Joins Wisconsin Protests: Takes Out Americans For Prosperity

Some good news..."Made in the USA" Makes a Comeback

Is it "Made in USA" if it's made by Slave Labor In Wisconsin?

Fake Democrats force primaries, buy candidates campaign time

Noam Chomsky's Theory of Justice

Lou Anne Roby: We should return to paper ballots

We Are Wisconsin


VIDEO: We Did It!

Save Our Schools Main Street America Flash Mob

Daily Kos: Evangelical Twist on Use of Prison Labor in WI. and Hidden Links to Koch Bros. Influence

Grothman Misses Us - A Run In With Glenn 7-7-11

Wisconsin GOP introduces redistricting plans for Legislature (WITH UPDATES)

State gears up for recall season opener

Voters to get their say in recall primaries Tuesday - JSOnline

Olsen campaign statement about Clark's fundraising is off the money

Volunteering on July 10 (Sunday), 11, 12 plus New Voter ID Law, Where To Vote, & When To Vote : July 12, 19, Aug 9, 16 SEE:


Hostility unhealthy for hospitals

Republicans rallying to get out the vote to defeat Moore in DEMOCRATIC primary.

Corporate Take Over in Wisconsin

Schools Matter: Jonah Edelman Spills the Oligarchs' Blueprint for Crushing the Teaching Profession

Gov. Scott Walker says public-employee unions falsely told members that they would have to pay up to 13 percent of income for health insurance.  Rated "False" by PolitiFact.

CHART OF THE DAY: New GOP Governors Tanking Nationwide

Kaukauna School Board and Scott Walker have something in common…budgeting is not about the money – i

“This is what Democracy floats like!” | Blog | Rebuild the Dream

Daily Kos: Wisconsin Republicans calling to turn out votes for fake Democrats - caught on tape

Voters must sign their names before voting in Tuesday’s Democratic primaries | Defend Wisconsin

John Nichols: Guthrie’s ‘Land’ is Madison

Voter turnout may determine recall elections | Defend Wisconsin

The Political Environment: The Journal Sentinel Opposes Recalls And Declines To Endorse:

Paul Ryan's $700-Wine-Sipping Buddies: A Hedge Fund Manager And A University Of Chicago Economist

An Event for Senator Dave Hansen

Signs of Protest, a Special Juried Exhibition | Defend Wisconsin

Without An Income, I'm A Prisoner - Hallis Mailen On His Hunger Strike

Footnote: Does a photo ID need to have the current address on it to be valid for voting?

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