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Friday, July 1, 2011

Softball with Paul Ryan: Must Watch TV

This interview definitely deserves it's own blog entry and here's why:

1. Paul Ryan is a nice guy.  Here in Janesville, we all know that.  He is a nice guy and a local guy who goes to movies, local restaurants, antiquing on the weekends, has great family, etc.
2. Tony Huml is a super nice guy.  He started an incredibly ambitious project called "Local Vision TV" that won a business contest, and is constantly looking for new ways to engage community.  Thank you for all you do, Tony.
3. Paul and Tony know each other since they were kids.  Now Tony is doing media and he interviewed Paul, his childhood friend.  Both were relaxed and at ease.


4. Tony has shown great spine by not being blown over by Paul's niceness and continuing to ask him questions, mislabeled as "softball".  Reminding a powerful politician who you know well, on camera, that he lost you a game, even if it was in 4th grade, takes some spine.  And both Paul and Tony played it well.  By the way, Tony does a great impersonation of a Daily Show correspondent and makes the interview fun to watch.  This 300 second interview feels like barely 5 minutes.

5. The fact that Paul is a nice guy has NOTHING TO DO with whether he should be representing 1st Congressional District.  The fact that his policies are destructive to the very fabric of our society, has nothing to do with the fact that he is a great neighbor and a fun guy to talk to at a gas station.  Such is life.

Thank you Tony for a great interview.   

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