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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome to Troll Party

Ever wonder where the far right internet activists - known for their aggressive and mean-spirited behavior on liberal sites as the "trolls" - go to socialize?  After all, they like to hang out with like-minded individuals as well.  There's just not as many of them and the ones there keep busy putting together Facebook pages with wishfully witty names and 0 "likes".

Here is an example of a page I found looking through "likes" on my own profile.   One post was liked by a user with an interesting name: Tea Party Lies, and Fear Mongering Hope Everybody.  Curious, I checked it out and sure enough, the page had exactly 0 "likes".  The man in the profile picture seemed to speak of flag, revolution and Tea.  Page itself had no original posts, only references to comments it left elsewhere and other pages it liked.  Evidently in the very brief time since inception, Tea Party Lies... amassed a large number of Facebook pages it "liked".  These include liberal pages such as WEACRecall Scott Walker Planned Recall Committee,  and of course Defend Wisconsin News Round Up.  The rest includes pages set up with exclusive goal of taking down these other liberal pages.  This list is long and not particularly imaginative, including:

The Many "Moms" of Segway Jeremy Ryan
Slade Wilson1
We are sick and tired of hearing about the Madison Wisconsin protests.
This post is even more ignorant than their last one.

And yes, there are more...

There were a couple of interesting exception to this list is, namely Stop telling me what democracy looks like, We live in a Republic and Walker Backers Watching Walker Stalkers,  Clearly conservative sites, these are the only sites on the list that provides actual content and engage in conversations.  To be fair, the exact role of these pages in this coordinated effort is hard to place.  Its involvement could range anywhere from informational to being an actual leader of the group.

However, when looking back at the comment left by Walker Backers... admin at Defend Wisconsin News...only yesterday referring to the FB ban placed on Defend Wisconsin News..., it is hard to imagine that Walker Backers has no knowledge of these actions when he or she wrote:

"if this is a general FB censorship issue I will line up right behind you to protest it. As Voltaire once proclaimed "I might not believe a word you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it".  Considering the number of these right wing Facebook pages with a handful of likes (if any), it is hard to imagine that Walker Backers would be unaware of their existence or desired impact.

There was one page on the list that boasted a sufficiently spiteful title, had followers and provided content - a rare combination.  Called I don't wanna work, I wanna create FB pages all day like Susan Berna., its description stated that "Since Susan likes creating pages about us, I have decided to create one for her."
Comments compete in humor that is beyond offensive to anyone with marginal amount of respect for women and other people in general.  Example:  "Here is another pig that craves attention. Imagine the bestiality that Berna could have with this guy!" referring to a female running a popular liberal Facebook page.

Not surprisingly, there is Facebook group that brings together these characters, who prefer to use pictures of Hollywood stars like Paul Newman (liberal supporter of Ned Lamont) and James Garner (lifelong Democrat).  Called  Knot My Wisconsin, the group page describes itself this way: "This is a debate group about the future of Wisconsin. It is not a pro union or anti union page...except for the second part,which it actually is. You will NOT be banned for debating...You will NOT get banned for getting mad. You WILL get banned if you are simply being an asshole. Or if your name is Aaron."  Comments include such gems by someone I just recently banned from Defend Wisconsin News... : "I was just looking at some postings from Barbara With. That women is bat shit crazy. She once to Andy and I that she was turning us into the FBI."  Thankfully, this group boasts only 50 members though doubtless, there are others.

To say that over the last 6 months, the amount of political vitriol related to Wisconsin politics has been on the increase, would be an understatement. Wisconsin has the lowest number of undecideds about our Governor than any other state and our struggle is attracting nationwide attention.  This means that there will be those on both sides that are passionate and outspoken about their point of view.  This Is What Democracy Looks Like.  However, nobody should cross the line into malicious behavior, engaging in actions that result in Facebook bans.

To those who keep reading and posting news, especially Facebook mass communication sites, remember that if you want something done - you got to do it yourself.  In the face of this attack, perpetrated with Facebook's silent blessing, we need to respond by sharing things using the channels we have available and we need to keep speaking up about this abuse of a valuable social network.

And to those trying to silence free speech: rest assured you will fail.

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  1. Great Analysis and Reporting!

  2. I understand how lonely it must feel being in the minority. I was there for the better part of the last ten years. Not getting what you want is tough after receiving a blank check year in and year out. So I feel your pain and I am greatful you all have this community of people to drowned your sorrows with. Many of us on the right just don't have the time to engage you in "debate" (if that's what you call fleeing the state). So we for the most part show up when it matters and vote our bold and heroic leaders into office. You can have your protests, websites and facebook pages. I only wish there were more of them so you would get out of my way when I'm shopping or trying to enjoy the State Fair. You have time to in your day to come up with these terrible stories of wrong doing by the mean right wingers so I know you're creative enough. So please spend more time in front of your computers and please stay off the streets, us in the majority need the space.

  3. It would be refreshing to see a tea site that actually has content and links to news with facts. All I ever see are sites full of hate. The tea sites all are full of people who hate government, the president, Mexicans, blacks, voters, teachers, poor people.... These sites often promote violence. These people pretty much have been brain washed to hate America. Any progressive or liberal would be happy to have a debate with a tea bagger using facts. Normally the tea bagged just posts FU, and quits having a rational discussion.


  5. So anything that is pro recall is "informative" and anything anti recall is "troll"? Oh if you want to see really negative comments try having a discussion on a pro recall site. The people who support the recall refuse to discuss anything and just go to name calling. Nice the way this post ignores that part.

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