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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Protest News Round Up

John Nichols: Targeting Jorgensen and Jefferson County

Kim Simac Takes Wealthfare

Wis. Recall Race to Watch: Fred Clark vs. Luther Olsen

State declines to request or back $9 million in health grants - JSOnline

Monologues of Dissent: Wisconsin Recalls: It's About Saving Our Schools

Darling Releases Records; Contact with Spenders American Federation for Children - One Wisconsin Now

RNC Chair: Pay No Attention To The Wisconsin Recalls, National Reporters

ALEC "20011" Annual Meeting

DA investigating gift card offer in recall elections - JSOnline

A Pre-picnic Social Media Expert Invite

Report: State budget pushes Milwaukee County deeper into fiscal hole - JSOnline


Momentum builds for Democrats as WI recall elections drawn near

Capitol balloon popper charged with disorderly conduct while armed

Corporate Puppet Master’s Ride to Luther’s

Americans For Prosperity Accused Of Voter Suppression In Wisconsin Recall Elections

Republicans; You Lie! Tax Cuts For The Wealthy Do NOT Create Jobs!

Jonathan Steitz for Senate
Wall Photos

The sordid history of Americans For Prosperity in Wisconsin’s elections | Blogging Blue 

Rep. Mark Pocan-Extraordinary Session 6.15.11

Gov. Walker and Alberta Darling budget results in cuts to school nurses

In the end, the Wisconsin recalls are all about Scott Walker - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

Unholy alliances

The Political Environment: Walker To Binge Drinkers, Drug Abusers: Have One For The Road

Balloon Juice » Conservatives maybe a tad worried about Wisconsin?

More on shady ballots in Wisconsin: Patrick Waring calls AFP on it, Hudson man files voter suppression

Milwaukee Protests

Phone Calls for Wis Dem Senate Candidates

State Representatives Say Unemployment Extension Great, Not Agree on How It Happened

In front of ALEC convention in New Orleans
Wall Photos

Paul Ryan To Dems: Show Us Your Budget...No, The Other One!

Fort council supports city's DMV center - Daily Jefferson County Union - Fort Atkinson, WI

John Nichols: Gov. Walker, David Koch and the charges of voter suppression

State manager charged with disorderly conduct in balloon caper

Darling Now Blatantly Lying About Ryan Medicare Plan

Tea Party To Push Paul Ryan Medicare Plan In Town Halls

ALEC "20011" Annual Meeting

Craig J. Hamilton: Recalls offer chance to fix out-of-balance government

Call Out The Vote - Volunteer to help Wisconsin!

Luther Olsen: "Thank Goodness" We Cut $800 Million From Education

Recall candidates raise more than $6 million |

Madison360: Recalls aside, give GOP puppet masters an A+

We Could Go 6 for 6, WisDems Say

Let's Send Five Democratic Women to the Wisconsin State Senate

Bumper sticker from Hixton, Wisconsin #wiunion on Twitpic
Bumper sticker from Hixton, Wisconsin #wiunion

Cognitive Dissidence: Alberta Darling's Rotten, Miserable, Horrible Week Just Got A Lot Worse 

Elect Clark over Walker rubber-stamp Olsen

Luther Olsen: You Ought to be Ashamed

Wisconsin to New Orleans: Anti-Walker stickers show up at ALEC's Marriott

Koch Brothers Group Attempting to Suppress Wisconsin Recall Vote? | Death and Taxes

Team EMILY Wisconsin

Sly In The Morning: Peter Rickmann: Recall Update

Sly In The Morning: Taking Another Listen To Grothman's Callers

Sly In The Morning: Kevin Gundlach - AFSCME Get Out The Vote

Jefferson's Bubolz strives to preserve library budgets - Daily Jefferson County Union - Fort Atkinso

Scooter's against Scotty - scooter/motorcycle rally for democracy

After the cuts, more cutting (#Wisconsin edition)

Your Vote Matters, I Am A Terrifyingly Vacant Human

Wisconsin's Walker Signs Historic School Choice Bill

DeVos, Koch, Scaife, Walton, ALEC, AFC: The Corporate Royalists and Right-Wing Groups Propelling the

We Are Wisconsin » Randy Hopper Changes Story on Role in Mistress’s Cushy State Job

The Rude Pundit

Budget issues are at heart of 10th District race - JSOnline

Live presser today from ALEC convention features Wisconsin citizen journalist Nicole Schulte |

SOS Rally Highlights Final Rough

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