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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Protest Page of the Day: Scott Walker Is a Douchebag

Today's Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Protest Page Of The Day goes to the site with possibly the most offensive name highlighted up until now: Scott Walker Is a Douchebag.  Sporting a cool, 35, 784 followers at press time, Scott Walker Is... offers this in its information section: 
Scott Walker Is a Douchebag
Founded - Nov. 2010 - thereby placing beginning 3 months before the protests began.  In its "about" section, Scott Walker Is... states that "Nice work killing jobs, disenfranchising citizens and other assholic activities."  Its "description" is straight and to the point: Scott Walker is an idiot and has no business leading anything.  Ever."  Its "mission" is somewhat less clear until the end: "To see an ened to the Scott Walker douchebag-political complex.  To resist, ridicule and recall!"  Looking at Scott Walker Is... selection of photographs, its clear that ridiculing is definitely afoot.  

Scott Walker Is... features a collection of political satire and imagery ridiculing Scott Walker, Koch Brothers, Paul Ryan and others so vast that you will not be able to look through all of them in one sitting.  Guaranteed.  Especially if you stop and think about each one.  

An active member of posting community, Scott Walker Is... provides links to stories which spotlight politics and protests in Wisconsin.  That means that it stays laser focused on issues relevant to Wisconsin such as labor relations, recalls and of course, Scott Walker.  For that focus and energy, Scott Walker Is a Douchebag is today's Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Protest Page Of The Day.

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