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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: What to take away from last night

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Solidarity may include Senator Dale Schultz

Outagamie County error gives more votes to recall candidate Nancy Nusbaum | Green Bay Press Gazette.

What's next for Wisconsin after the recall

MAKE THIS GO VIRAL: Koch $$$ in Wisconsin Pays the Ultimate Dividend- CLICK SHARE to inform others about Koch money in elections

Patriotic Millionaires For Fiscal Strength

John Nichols Comments on Wisconsin Recall Election Results (Democracy Now!)

Don't like to pay taxes to the "greedy spending" government?

Kim Simac, Tea Party Candidate For Jim Holperin Recall, Compares Public Schools To Nazi Regime

Walker Says Wisconsin Doesn't Want More Recalls (Against Him)

Daily Kos: This is what a 50 state strategy looks like

Support Jim Holperin

Bob Wirch for State Senate

Daily Kos: Wisconsin's new de facto Majority Leader: Dale Schultz

Sifting the Recall Results in Wis.

What's News: Expect a Walker recall election to happen, and expect it to be really close

Meanwhile...San Diego, California labor leader attacked by anti-union thugs

Dems lost in Wisconsin? Think again

Stop Walker's Budget

Wisconsin Wire: A Recap From the Ground in Wisconsin and What Is Next!

Wisconsin Says No to Money for Nonprofits (August 10, 2011) | Opinion Blog | Stanford Social Innovat

Wisconsin Democrats vow to recall Gov. Scott Walker | The Raw Story

Recall Scott Walker

American Federation for Children: School Choice supporters hold seats in Wisconsin Senate; education

Republican Lawmaker Proposes Making Recalls More Difficult

Daily Kos: Wisconsin Democrats say they want to end Scott Walker's 'reign of terror' as 'soon as fea

Nordskog Publishing: With My Rifle by My Side: A Second Amendment Lesson

I Support Jim Holperin, Not Kim Simac

Volunteer | Jim Holperin for State Senate

Vos wants to amend state constitution on recalls - JSOnline

Picture of the Day: Scott Walker Recallmobile

Walker says he'll focus on bipartisanship - JSOnline

Daily Kos: Hope in Wisconsin; We Fly With Tape and Styrofoam Wings

Walker still expects recall attempt, Tate wants to start ASAP

Walker wouldn't survive recall in yesterday's vote

Recall perspectives – bigger than Kathy Nickolaus and Alberta Darling

Democrats Make Gains Among Blue-Collar Whites in Wisconsin Recall Elections - Hotline On Call

Nancy Nusbaum Concession Speech - YouTube

Colbert Report makes an excellent analysis of the Wisconsin Recall Elections - Scott Walker Watch

Get to know the other state logo from Vicki McKenna

In Wisconsin, a Big Recall Push Comes Up Short

Analysis: Messy Wisconsin recalls bode ill for 2012 election

Democracy Died First in Wisconsin – Long Live the Oligarchs

Citizen Dave: All is not lost - Citizen Dave, an Isthmus|The Daily Page blog

Republicans lose a third of their races to Democrats in Republican Recall election |

Wis. GOP's stand against recall effort could reverberate elsewhere as presidential race looms

(Mock) Wine Tasting for Paul Ryan & Jonathan Steitz!

Attorney General of the United States: Launch a full-scale election fraud investigation in Waukesha.

Wisconsin Recall Election Results Could Reverberate In Other States

Ed Proctor

Colbert Report: Wisconsin's Recall Election & Americans for Prosperity's Absentee Ballot Typos

No Closure for Wisconsin After Recall Elections Fail

How Wisconsin Election Law Saved The GOP, And Why That Changes In 2012

Rep. Hulsey: Points to hyper-partisan, unpopular actions in response to GOP recall posturing

Legalize weed, says write-in candidate in Kenosha-area Senate recall race - JSOnline

John Nichols: Tammy Baldwin Was Right to Ask Justice Department to Investigate Kathy Nickolaus

Democrats mull recall of Gov. Walker - JSOnline

Worst Governor Ever

Green Bay Press Gazette blogs0106 Section
"According to the unofficial tally, Nusbaum received no votes in four Kaukauna precincts. That in itself is an anomaly. Add in that 2010 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett won all four of those precincts quite handily and it’s a sure head scratcher."

Senator Tim Cullen e-newsletter CullenChronicle-20110809

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