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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Wisconsin Needs 3 Courageous Senators. Now!

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: New Polls: Who do you expect to win in recall races? Vote!

Chalkboard: Wisconsin teachers get celebrity welcome at national rally

Report: As Union Membership Rates Decrease, Middle Class Incomes Shrink

Darling Not Sure Of Recall Election Victory

Fresh Perspectives: MEDICARE

The Real Kim Simac

The Last Word - Rewriting the attack on teachers

Matt Damon defends teachers against a [expletive] cameraman!

La Crosse to Hudson - Recall Express Rolls On - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Alberta Darling: I Don’t Listen to People at Hearings on Walker Budget

Another Alberta Darling Failure

Keith Olbermann And John Nichols On Intimidation Tactics In Wisconsin

Walker Hikes State Spending by 7.6 percent

Scott Walker Blues

I Refudiate That, Darling

Tea party headed to Wisconsin to defend Republican state senators | The Raw Story

We Are Wisconsin: The Book

Guest Commentary: Hopper had nothing to do with Mercury Marine staying in FdL | Fond du Lac Reporter

A guest post by Kimi Ishikawa: Isthmus Irrelevance |

Full moon candle light vigil on the capitol square

Monologues of Dissent: The ultimate pyramid scheme: trickle-down education

Americans for Prosperity: Wisconsin absentee ballot a 'mistake' - David Catanese

VOTER SUPPRESSION IN WISCONSIN courtesy of DAVID KOCH! (Please SHARE with your friends!)

Downtown Protesters Target Paul Ryan - Janesville

Wisconsin Truth Tour, La Crosse: Grillin' for Shilling - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Senate approves one-week wait for jobless benefits - JSOnline

Peter Barca‎"This is a flip-flop," Lena Taylor said. "First you were for it, then you were against it. Now you're for it again?" It appears that the GOP Senators voted against the 1 week waiting period a few weeks before the recalls to pull one over on the voters. So they have fake candidates, fake positions on issues, what will be there next fake?

Talks of Sen. Rob Cowles, challenger Nancy Nusbaum debate heat up | Green Bay Press Gazette | 

Walker tries to take credit for the "positive" impact of defunding public schools

WI State Senator Tim Cullen
Just to be clear: Senate Democrats did NOT vote against extended unemployment benefits, as the Senate Majority Leader is stating. We voted against restoring a one-week waiting period before newly jobless people can collect an unemployment check

Koch's Americans for Prosperity Adds $90,000 in Wausau TV to 'Save Walker's Senate' Scheme - One Wis

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