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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Solidarity may include Senator Dale Schultz

Our Wisconsin Progressivism is still alive in Wisconsin. Fighting Bob La Follette was a Republican but was also a Republican who cared and acted on behalf of peoples needs and rights. With Senator Tim Cullen (Dem) and Senator Dale Schultz (Rep) as partners I envision Practical Solutions and Moderation of the Extremes. John Nichols sees a lot of great things for the Labor and Progressive Movement coming out of this election.

We have two more elections next week so those of you who are working on these campaigns stay the course, stay organized, stay focused, and continue moving Forward to Governor Walker's Recall!

For everyone who has participated with Cash, Time, Blogging, Calling and Canvassing I salute you! Now go back to work....We are not done we are truly blessed...Two less extremists in the Senate!

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  1. Right on! Keep up the good fight and keep on truckin' !!!