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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Tea Party Needs To Go Back To School

Protest Videos of the Day: Tea Party - Musical Astroturf

Wisconsin Recall Now and then Onto Washington

Documents show Olsen held private meetings with Big Tobacco lobbyist shortly before supporting his f

Human trafficking in the heartland |

'Safe' senators in jeopardy - JSOnline

Lisa Graves on Exposing the Powerful Influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council

New redistrcting rules won't become law until Monday; new district maps still pending

GUEST OPINION: Recall election supporters are just being vindictive

Daily Kos: Tea Party Xpress Whistlestop, Day Two: Fake Milwaukee.

Union Victory at Virginia IKEA Plant: Resistance Grows Against Race-to-Bottom Wages |

Wisconsin to NOLA: Rep. Pocan kicked out of ALEC event; ThinkProgress reporters accosted

Daily Kos: T-Party XPress Rolls into WI: Tens Of People Show Up

Ugly, and expensive - JSOnline

Wisconsin recall elections carry implications for 2012

Daily Kos: The Hidden Reality Behind the Wisconsin Recalls That Shows We Are Winning (Updated)

Harmful Credit Union Provision Becomes Law

This is it: Dems, we need to reach out to friends to support our candidates in the recall elections

1996 Petak-Plache Recall Race Holds the Key to 2011 Recalls

Daily Kos: Wisconsin recall: Counter protest against tea party rally outdraws actual tea party rally

Manitowoc mayor asks for 10% in budget cuts | Herald Times Reporter |

An air of fear about mine operations

‪WI Senator Chris Larson‬‏ - YouTube

GOTV Kenosha Community Picnic 8/6/11

And just as I was thinking about comparing Tea Party to Brownshirts...Tea Party Leader: Wisconsin Liberal Protesters Are Modern-Day Storm Troopers

Support Jim HolperinHere's a photo from yesterday's debate.....what's missing?

Big crowd getting ready to hit the doors and phones to get out the vote at the Milwaukee Area Labor Council Wall Photos

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