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Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Defend Wisconsin News Round Up - Under Attack From Facebook?

To Voters In State Senate Districts 12 and 22 - You Matter More Than You Think

John Nichols: Recalls are changing the Capitol

The WPPA Endorses Jim Holperin for Reelection | Defend Wisconsin

The Best Bills of 2011

‘This Is What Democracy Looks Like’: A Documentary Of The 2011 Wisconsin Workers Uprising | 

Walker raises $2.5 million in first half of 2011 -

State feeds national fracking boom; health, environmental concerns rise

Middle Wisconsin Voters' Concert - August 14, 2011

Set thy sights on Broom Street's absurd, witty 'Lamentable Tragedie'

The Christian Left is a Troll Free Page

Why do the Koch brothers want to end public education?

Nearly 35% of Wisconsin residents do volunteer work, study says - JSOnline

Hallis Mailen, Hunger Strike – Day 59, August 13th, 2011 | newsWisc

Wirch, Steitz Disagree On Recall Effort

Real Union comments!

Breakdown of losses so far​df

Hacking the recalls: Why we must have hand-counted paper ballots and citizen exit polls. « Sifting

Madison360: Mantra of wealthy Republicans — we want the rest

No string attacks loans to Big Corporation...

Senate power shift may be afoot - JSOnline

Unlike Simac, Holperin respects the whole Constitution

An opening for civility, reason

Editorial: Finally, some positive economic news | Herald Times Reporter |

Special prosecutor named in Supreme Court investigation

State Fair attendance breaks record, tops 900,000 - JSOnline

Prosser outraises Kloppenburg 2-to-1 for recount | Herald Times Reporter |

COMMENTARY: Urging Kenosha Residents to Vote for Senator Wirch

Worley Dervish

Meanwhile a group of activists are organizing an ALEC protest in Arizona in November...​le.php?story=2011081416570290

Nugent Blames Liberals, "Political Street-Corner Dope-Pusher" Obama For "Gangland Rioting" | Media M

What creativity looks like - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Recalls run awry: A Walker Republican's legal troubles

Daily Kos: Wisconsin recalls: Democrats hold double-digit leads in final two races

Auto insurance bill was clash of titans |

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