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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Protest Videos of the Day: Tea Party - Musical Astroturf

Today's Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Protest Video of the Day comes from that reliable manufacturer of musical comedy: Tea Party.  Check out Tea Party Express: The Musical.  Featuring what appears to be a karaoke performance of songs with lyrics so full of propaganda, back in the Soviet Union we used to joke that such lyrics were actually composed by KGB.  This particular example of Tea Party Brainwashtainment is of particularly low quality which makes it only funnier.

Of course there are better example of Tea Party attempts to produce a song that anybody would actually want to listen to.  Take a look at this video by a group called "POLATIK", which presents a much more polished example of the early Twenty First Century Tea Party propaganda.

The musical aspect of Tea Party is a great example of the differences between the movements - Tea Party and Protest - as well as a superb musical example of what "Astroturf" means.  Tea Party musical numbers are written by a hired composer, on a budget, and the words of each song apparently have to reflect certain themes and not just reflect but state them in the most overt way possible, which is once again reminiscent of the censorship committees ever present in the Soviet Union which would make sure that every word spoken by an artist was of the utmost Communist nature.

Tea Party music is a clear manifestation of the top down approach I saw as a child in Soviet Union.  Tea Party is a corporate enterprise rolled out by a corporation like a marketing campaign.

Let's face it: there is no money from George Soros or anybody else on the left that goes to artists to write and record protest songs.  That's why these usually feature a guy playing a guitar.

To end on a lighter note: here is how Simpsons handle this subject.

 Party Posse-Drop Da Bomb‬‏ - YouTube - with video

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