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Monday, August 15, 2011

Attacked by Facebook: UPDATE

Seems the story is growing.  Here's what we know:

Many more pages than Defend Wisconsin News Round Up have been attacked.  The list is growing but it currently includes, at least:

Via Tony Harmon: the wisconsin recall, defend wisconsin news roundup, republican bigotry hate fear lies and distortion, amandalyn has had enough, hippie liberal momma, euphorics concepts photography, i demand to see michelle bachmann's diploma, our fathers' voice, dear republicans fuck you, and our founding fathers' vision also multiple animal rights groups, personal sites and haven't confirmed this yet but heard whiskey and the morning after got hit. 

Republican Bigotry page has 10,822 followers and I'm voting for Barack Obama in 2012 has 4,947 followers.  These are no small players to disable.  

The following information was shared earlier with Defend Wisconsin News Round Up with author asking not to be named: 

"I do not think the group that I belong to, it is the reason for my ban. I repost to other pages. A day or two prior to my ban, I was posting to Holperin, Wirch, and Simac pages. My repost to the Simac page was liked by the following pages:
Congratulation You Showed Everyone You're an Idiot
Wisconsin taxpayers say its time for you to STFU
I "like" stupid posts by ingorant liberal like this
( this page likes many liberal pages: Defend Wis, Sandy Pasch for Sen, United Wis, Recall Scott Walker, AFSCME, Protect Wis Families, Heroic Wis 14, Russ Feingold, Wis AFL-CIO, Recall Scott Walker Planned recall com., Lena Taylor, Recall Gov Walker.)

Other posts against Simac were liked by the above plus:
Chances are you live a pathetic life to be trolling fan pages
Congratulations you just showed everyone you're an idiot
Good job you just won the Derp award
This post was liked because you're a trolling idiot
Hey liberal how about a nice glass of STFU
Its time for you to leave the politics to the grownups you're clueless

These pages were made just to leave "likes" they have maybe one fan.(makes it hard to troll the page to read their wall because I would only be the second fan) I have seen them other places but never thought about it. The key page here must be.... I like stupid posts..... It is the only fan for some of theses other pages. My guess is that some or all of these page are related. So that is at least 9 different pages they can make a complaint from so a FB page is banned from posting for 15 days. Your pages are reposted on many of the other pages that it has "Liked"."

So now we know better how this attack works.  We still do not have verifiable information of who coordinates these efforts.  

Also, to give you a better idea of what this ban does, here's what I can and can not do:


Post on all pages I administer
Share any information on my pages

Not able to:

Share any posts on any group page, either as Defend Wisconsin News Round Up or as myself, personally.
Make comments on other group pages.

Thank you everyone for your support.  

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    FB phone #650-543-4800, e-mail
    From another page: She said that people who have had their pages suspended should send an e-mail to: and your suspension will be put on a "priority list."