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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Attacked by Facebook: UPDATE

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Protest Page of the Day: Scott Walker Is a Douchebag

Do not amend the Constitution

the banished

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families: Real Deficit Reduction Will Take Real Health Care Reform

Wall Photos

Madison360: Mantra of wealthy Republicans — we want the rest

Transparency in Government!

Union-busting laws prompt WEAC to cut 40 percent of workforce

Bill Lueders: Unions' lobbying expenses skyrocket

State refusal to pursue WIC grant under fire |

Wisconsin Budget Project: Wisconsin Taxes on Business are Below the National Average

Tell Facebook: Stop Censoring Political Speech

Unions say Verizon taking its cue from Wisconsin's governor » peoplesworld

Poll: Incumbent Dems Lead In Final Two Wisconsin Recalls

Prosser Raised Big Money For Spring Recount

Liberal billionnaire helping fund media groups in Wisconsin - JSOnline

Why do the Koch brothers want to end public education? [HD]

Facebook abide by the Terms Of Service and undo the 15 day suspensions

Corni Day 2011 - Walker's Sand Castle

School districts, municipalities face difficult choices as they look to balance budgets in the after

Comment to me from The Progressive Voice...please share...

AP-WI--Teachers Union-Layoffs, 1st Ld-Writethru,381

Sen. Alberta Darling Wins District 8 Race

Plenty Still At Stake As Recalls Wrap Tuesday

County reports chronic complaints with privatized service - WaupacaNOW

Spinning the Recalls

Letter: Simac lacks knowledge of issues | Wausau Daily Herald |

Walker outlines fall agenda, says voters want cooperation, focus on jobs

Worst Governor Ever - Scott Walker is in 3rd place.

Daily Kos: President Skirting Wisconsin, Won't Cross Over

"Hold Your Fire"

Krugman speaks...The Texas Unmiracle

Hey, Facebook: Are You Really Censoring Political Free Speech in America?

Jim Holperin: Show Up

Tammy Langley

Wisconsin Democrats aim to hold on in recall votes today

Another Power Grab from Gov Walker & Republican Legislature |

Today: The Last Two Wisconsin Recalls (For Now)

My excellent adventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Winning!


In final Wisconsin recall, signs of a national tea party backlash?

Final recall election today, Aug 16! | Defend Wisconsin

Wisconsin Voters Set to Defend Two Pro-Worker, Anti-Walker State Senators

Plain Talk: There’s a false ring to Walker’s attempt to make nice

Today is Election Day – the final one of the summer recall elections

Get to know the other side...
What The Wisconsin Recalls Really Told Us

Talk to Ryan? It'll cost you - Reid J. Epstein

March with Fair Wisconsin to Show YOUR Pride!

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