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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Welcome to the Troll Party

Wisconsin Democrats Handily Defeat GOP Recall Challengers

The Paul Ryan Watch: Why You Should Donate $15 To Rob Zerban's Campaign Today

Wisconsin cranberry harvest expected to increase 8.5% -

Wirch Wins - it's a Wisconsin Demmapalooza

What really happened in the recalls.
News :: Full Speed Ahead :: The Shepherd Express: Milwaukees best guide to events, music, news and d

March with Fair Wisconsin to Show YOUR Pride!

Get to know the other side...
Ed Schultz Has Resorted To This Now. | Chicks On The Right


Walker Lets Tax Cheats and Campaign Contributors Off The Hook | Center for Media and Democracy

WisDems Launch "End Medicare: Draft Paul Ryan" Campaign

Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries

Analysis: Democrats finish ‘recall summer’ with 2 big wins, a better position in the Senate

Is Gov. Walker next for recalls? - JSOnline

One Wisconsin Now Statements on Historic Middle Class Uprising, Rebuke of Walker - One Wisconsin Now

Wisconsin Recalls: Ds 2, Rs 0

Tallying the Wisconsin Recalls

Morgan Aircraft to take flight | Sheboygan Press |

Worst Governor Ever

Recall Recap: The End of the Enthusiasm Gap

Training Tea Party Activists In Guerilla Internet Tactics - BUSTED!

Taxpayers for Public Education

$45 a vote, and for what? |

Sam Liebert's Blog: "Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it"

Wisconsin Public Radio - Joy Cardin

Meanwhile in Ohio...Kasich: Let's Make A Deal On My Anti-Union Bill -- And Call Off The Repeal Referendum

NO CUTS!! Jobs NOW!! Community Picnic

Democracy Watchdog Action Network

Former Gov. Thompson Headed Toward Senate Run

Summing up the Wisconsin recalls (by the numbers) - JSOnline

"Police: No one has claimed prosthetic leg" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

The Political Environment: Holperin And Wirch Put The Lie To Talk Radio Cotton Candy

Despite Ethics Rules, Justice David Prosser Set To Sit On A Tea Party Case Brought By His Own Lawyer

Goodbye, stimulus. Hello, state budget cuts

August 25: Wear Black in Protest of the Pay Cut to WI Public Workers!

Democracy Watchdog Action Network

Wisconsin Wire: Police Try To Intimidate Protesters for Holding Signs

SOS! - Doug Lafollette Needs Your Support

Hallis Mailen – Hunger Strike, Day 63 | Defend Wisconsin

Meanwhile in Michigan...Emergency manager cuts endanger Detroit schools » peoplesworld

Monologues of Dissent: Valuable Advice: How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation (Part 1)

Lawmaker Doesn't Want Some Agencies Reimbursed For Capitol Security

Ron Johnson: Poor black people, kids and seniors are ruining our country

Walker takes a new path — the political middle

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