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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Protest News Round Up

Legal fees soar for Wisconsin taxpayers over bargaining, redistricting - JSOnline

A new centrist 'caucus' - JSOnline

Will Gov. Scott Walker Be Recalled in Wisconsin? - Scott Walker - Fox Nation

Democracy Dive

Wisconsin, Your IT Is Showing
Footnote: How did Holperin's margin of victory compare with the last time he prevailed in a recall e

A recall of Walker could backfire on Dems - JSOnline

Facebook's spam program catches activists

Paul Ryan's staff calls cops on Unemployed Protestors

1st Amendment Stand, 1 on 1 With Prosser, Crashing Ron Johnson, and Lacrosse!!

On the Capitol: The Scott Walker blues

Chris Matthews, Reince Priebus Spar About GOP, Tea Party

August 25: Wear Black in Protest of the Pay Cut to WI Public Workers!

We Will Not Pay For Your Crisis! Workers Unite!

Where is Paul Ryan? | Wisconsin Jobs Now!

To Run or Not to Run | The Weekly Standard
Ryan Cartoon

This is What a Democracy Looks Like - documentary about street protests in Seattle, Washington

Daily Kos: Feingold to support Obama for president in 2012

Labor Representation in the Media: How Labor Uses Independent Media | Democracy Convention

Democracy Convention

Cracks Only Growing In Union Solidarity

Robert Costa: Scott Walker Claims Victory in the Battle of Wisconsin

UW-Madison teaching assistants union votes against state certification

The Fitzgerald Bros vs The Cream Puffs, Dodge County Fair

Penokee Hills Mining discussion - Madison


Official Letter Issued by Rep. Paul Ryan

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