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Saturday, August 13, 2011

"No More Fox News" Pledge

I hereby pledge to never again turn on or watch Fox News, should it be turned on by someone else.  I will not fall for its fancy colors, bright lights or the waiving flag.  I will change the channel, turn off TV or calmly walk out of the room whenever Fox News is on because I refuse to fall for its shrill rhetoric telling me to be threatened by those with whom I disagree or be afraid of the challenges we may face.

I will not make Fox News a part of my complete news diet because Fox News is junk food.  I will not pretend that Fox News is any closer to news than Coca Cola is to cocaine.  I will not watch O'Riley and Hannity just to find out what the Right Wing is up to because I already know.  I will not let Fox News make me mad because as far as I am concerned, it does not exist.  Because of this, I will not let my children watch it and I will respectfully ask my parents to turn it off when I visit.

I promise that should I ever be in an establishment where Fox News is being broadcast on TV, I will calmly approach the person in charge and ask them to change the channel or to turn off TV because I find Fox News to be very offensive.  And if my request is not followed, I will calmly go on but I will repeat my request the next time I'm back.  If I'm back.

I feel strongly about this because I know that not watching Fox News will make me a happier individual.  I know that not watching Fox News increases the satisfaction I get from my quality of life. Knowing all this, with my conscience as my witness, I pledge to never watch Fox News.

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