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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wisconsin Recall Now and then Onto Washington

Focus on Recalls in Wisconsin. It is imperative that this is done first because the world is looking at the United States as a country out of balance and out of control. Wisconsin is the Home of Practical Progressives who seek Fiscally Practical Solutions to meet the needs of WE THE PEOPLE. We seek business and encourage small business and support them with World Class Educational Systems: Public and Private. We encourage entrepreneurship and seek fairness for all who live in our Great State. This is not Alabama or Wisissisippi. Our Motto is Forward not Backward and once we take back Wisconsin we need to focus on Washington. Standard and Poor's isn't always very credible but they did say something that made sense to me....Washington is not working! Still we need to fix our State First! Support the Recalls with phone calls, cash, get out the vote canvassing, or just encouragement! Solidarity and if you have time review a few of my latest reads:

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