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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Monday Protest News Round Up

Gov. Scott Walker: Wis. protests were about ‘big government union bosses’

Ryan hears from voters at listening session -- GazetteXtra

Much-maligned WEA Trust fights back against critics

Contribute now to Help Wisconsin, Stop Joe Knilans!


Oct 29, 2011 6:59pm
I'm going to organize a Recall caroling party sometime after the recall starts on November 15. Here are a few ditties I made up so far (with lyrics suggestions from my son Nik). You friends should make up their own Recall carols too. We can make a better video of a group singing them!
Length: ‎2:05

Occupy Milwaukee video

Rock County will have "drive & sign" locations where motorists can drive into a parking lot, sign the petition, and leave without getting out of the car! This looks like a good way to advertise!

About voter suppression

Wisconsin may be liable for disenfranchising voters

False media reports of Google censoring word "occupy" in China

True or false?

The other evening national media and Facebook reported that the Chinese government had managed to get Google to censor any searches regarding the word "occupy".

Recently, my friend hosted a Chinese English teacher, Toni (Wu Tong), when the media reported censorship of 2 other "politically charged" words in China via internet search engines including Google. My friend and his guest verified with Toni's wife who was still in China that this was NOT true because when they did a mutual word search from our 2 nations on the opposite sides of the globe via Google, both came up with the same results. The censorship report appeared to be false.

Yesterday, my friend inquired of Toni about the new supposed censorship of the word "occupy" and he did a search from his home city, Chongqing in the very heart of China. Below and attached are his results.

Please share widely letting people know Google has NOT censored the search engines - this time for "occupy" - in China contrary to what US media is saying.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday Protest News Round Up

Current regulations allow mining, thoughtful review

The reconstituted Wisconsin Mining Association (WMA) could learn a thing or
two from Mr. Thomas Jefferson, who wrote in 1774:

“The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest.”
‐‐ Thomas Jefferson, 1774

WMA and its public relations arm are calling for the dismantling of mining regulations so an out‐of‐state company (Gogebic Taconite Palm Beach Gardens, Florida), can wreak havoc on northern Wisconsin’s pristine environment.

The Democratic Resource Office is opening at 1025 South Main Street in River Falls (in the small strip mall by Dick’s IGA). The Walker recall effort will be organized from this location in addition to training sessions, movie nights, book club gatherings, potlucks and much, much more. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will cover a small portion of the rent in addition to all of our telephone and internet costs through the recall, but we'll need more help to keep this going through the fall elections. An ActBlue account has been created to manage contributions for this space. Please be sure to check the box to make your contribution continue for the 12 months to November 2012. Thank YOU in advance for your ongoing support of Democracy in Wisconsin! FORWARD! Contribute now to Keep the Democratic Resource Office Open in River Falls

BREAKING REPORT: Governor Scott Walker will be in La Crosse tomorrow for a ritzy $5,000 a plate fundraiser at the Waterfront Restaurant (328 Front Street South, La Crosse - between the Pump House and the south end of Riverside Park) from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. BE THERE TO PROTEST!

Park in the nearby (free) public parking ramp.

Scott Olsen, a Wisconsin born Vet who was brutally injured by the Oakland police when they used tear gas on a peaceful demonstration, is in the hospital and his condition is getting worse.

It doesn't look good. Brain continues to swell and has been moved to ICU; deciding whether to do surgery. Parents are on their way or have just arrived. Scott's roommate is trying to keep us up to date. SUGGESTION: SEND A CARD or FLOWERS:
USMC Scott Olsen
Highland Hospital
1411 East 31st Street
Oakland, CA 94602

From the Campaign to elect Jeff Smith to the Wisconsin State Assembly:

Today, the 25th of October, I wish to inform the voters of the 93rd Assembly District that I will once again seek to represent them in Madison. Having been elected twice to the Assembly by the voters of the 93rd I feel I represented West-Central Wisconsin with honor and integrity from 2007 to 2011 and it has become evident that true representation is needed again. Since the beginning of this year I have been asked each day to throw myself back into the fray and I believe I am ready to do just that. Since the new legislature has taken office and proven itself to be something other than representative of Wisconsin values more and more constituents of the 93rd Assembly District have turned to me for leadership. It is apparent there is a great need for strong leadership and accessibility to our elected officials. With my election Western Wisconsin can be assured that they will, once again, have access to the office that represents them. Confidence, trust and integrity must be returned to the 93rd Assembly District and I will bring all that to the office.
Jeff Smith, former representative of the 93rd Assembly District

The 93rd Assembly District includes all or parts of Eau Claire County, Dunn County, Buffalo County, Pepin County and Pierce County

The first (of many) official trainings for collect petition signatures for RECALLING WALKER will be held on Tuesday, November 1 at 7 - 8:30 p.m. at the Walworth County Dems office, 10 So. Washington Street (across from US Bank, beside Larducci's Pizza), Elkhorn. Open to all who are interested in collecting signatures on petitions that will be available on November 15. For more information, call Ellen at 262-374-0614.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday / Sunday / Monday Protest News Round Up

Civil Discourse
PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

Wisconsin Redneck Party

Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter (Wisconsin):

United Wisconsin will focus on Walker, Kleefisch - JSOnline

‘Occupy Milwaukee’ organizer: Movement creating new political space | The Raw Story


This weeks Listening Sessions with Congressman Paul Ryan:

Friday, October 28
JANESVILLE: 9:00 - 10:30am, Pontiac Convention Center, 2809 North Pontiac Drive
ELKHORN: 12:00 - 1:30pm, Monte Carlo Room, 720 North Wisconsin Street
KENOSHA: 3:00 - 4:30pm, Gateway Technical College, Madrigrano Auditorium, 3520 30th Avenue

The Burlington Area School District is under attack by a Tea Party group called WeVote. They are petitioning the BASD board to hold another budget approval meeting after the board passed a budget levy that did not meet with WeVote’s approval. Charlie Sykes has championing WeVote; there is talk that Tea Party members will be bussed in for the meeting. Burlington’s board, staff and students need support! Please spread the word – School Board meeting is on Monday, October 31 at 7:30 p.m. in the Burlington HS gym.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday Protest News Round Up

Bill would nix donors’ need to name employers |

State agencies told to prepare for more cuts - JSOnline

Listen to New Battleground Wisconsin podcast.
Battle 1: Recall Walker
Battle 2: Sham Jobs Session Continues
Battle 3: New Walker/GOP Attack on Health Care ReformCitizen Action of Wisconsin | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Walker recall also aims at Kleefisch, but organizers mum on strategy

Sign of the Times - Arrests in the WI Assembly Gallery; 10 Cops, Really?

Nationally renowned columnist (The Nation Magazine, Madison CapTimes), political analyst and speaker John Nichols will speak at the Walworth County Dems fundraiser on Sat. December 3 at Badger High School in Lake Geneva. Hors d'oeuvres/socializing/silent auction 6-7:30, Mr. Nichols at 7:30. Tickets are $20.00 and will be on sale soon.
Mark Pocan teaches a racist ALEC hack from Virginia about education & diversity at UW-Madison

Celebrate the Constitution Breakfast
Oct 22, 2011 9:00 am - 11;30 am
Stockholm Inn
The keynote speaker is Chad Kent, a young man who is dedicated to explaining aspects of the Constitution in terms everyone understands, and with a sense of humor. The Tea Parties are excited to welcome two Wisconsin legislators, Joe Knilans (R-44 Janesville) and Evan Wynn (R-43 Whitewater), who will present a PowerPoint presentation, which chronicles the takeover of the Wisconsin Capitol by public workers and their private industry union sympathizers. For Reservation, send a check for $13.50 payable NORTHERN IL TEA PARTY to P.O. Box 644, Roscoe, IL 61073, or call 815-277-1144 for more information. Reservations are due by Tuesday, October 18, or call Jane 815-277-1144

Jim Holperin speaks to a crowded grand opening of the Recall Walker Center in Rhinelander. Go Rhinelander! Go Wisconsin! FORWARD!

Chris Larson
Republicans Disaster Week continues tomorrow with a bill pushing to end comprehensive sex ed by ending the Healthy Youth Act. I guess Republicans want to let the free market see if a lack of condoms will spread pregnancy and std's? Also up: the business community is pushing hard to jam through a 172-page bill to add more bureaucracy to Milwaukee County government. This bill was originally written in February, made public last week, and has it's first public hearing tomorrow. Also tomorrow, professional teeth grinding right-wing announcer Charlie Sykes will be hosting a movie day in the Capitol with Republican Rep. Robin Vos. All this, on top of an additional $65 million cut to universities Walker announced today (on top of the $250 million from earlier this year). And somehow, this is all going to magically create jobs? Are you buying that or are you ready to recall Walker on November 15th and take Wisconsin back?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OWS = Socialism and Anarchy v. Tea Party = Taking back America

Jon Stewart reveals the purpose of the OWS movement and Eric Cantor (channeling Eddie Haskell) once again shows his lack of integrity and understanding of the issues.

Enjoy Jon Stewart's latest!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday / Monday / Tuesday Protest News Round Up

Into the Crowds of Occupy Milwaukee

Crime and Courts: Bill to make prenups ironclad shocks Democrats

Milwaukee's Wall St. protesters plan next move - JSOnline

Occupy Janesville - 10/15/11

‘Tea Party plans event’

Feingold Says Recall 'Justified'

Heroes Fighting to Save the Middle Class: Wisconsin's Progressives

The 99 Percent Rise Up | The Nation

'Occupy' March Held In Downtown Milwaukee

#OccupyMadison - 10/15/11

Cognitive Dissidence: Republican Legislators Moonlight As Privatized Education Lobbyists

Save BadgerCare Photo Petition 2011

Paul Ryan Listening session in Racine this Friday!!
Friday, October 21 · 8:30am - 11:30am
Cesar Chavez Community Center
2221 Douglas Ave.
Racine, WI

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Chalkboard: Wisconsin dropping among the states for school spending

Is Walker to Blame for Likely School Closing in Brookfield?

Signature Collector Sign up - State of Wisconsin

Walker to headline conservative bash in Iowa - JSOnline

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Homepage

Walker administration official to return to work

Health care advocate says Wisconsin bill would give drug makers immunity from lawsuits over injury o

Representative Brett Hulsey Mike McCabe and Default

Interview with Emerge - The Sara Schulz Show

Interview with Senator Mark Miller - The Sara Schulz Show

Kristopher Rowe for Wisconsin State Assembly

Wall Street Loses Its Immunity

Occupy Milwaukee - a set on Flickr

Occupy Milwaukee Protests

Recall Walker: Leadership Training and Volunteer Opportunities | Defend Wisconsin

Monday, October 17, 2011

The New Republican Party = No Solutions and the Party that Believes in Nothing

Brian Schremp posted this recently and I thought it very interesting. I believe it applies everywhere....Congress as well as our Wisconsin Republican Assembly....Keep these things in mind as the Recall of Walker and Kleefisch begins!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursday / Friday / Saturday News Round Up

Brown Bag Lunch #41

19 arrested in Milwaukee at Senator Ron Johnson's Office. Now they hope for a meeting in Oshkosh. 


Recall Walker-The Sauk County Coalition

10-11-11 6 - Recall To Action, with Jon Erpenbach - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Occupy Wausau - Fake page

Yuri Rashkin for State Assembly Fundraiser

Campaign donors contribute too much information

Neenah taps reserves to lower taxes | Appleton Post Crescent |

Rep. Baldwin in Strong Opposition to HR 358

Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition * SPARC *

Eagle Scout Walker Prepared to Earn Election Fraud Merit Badge |

Janesville area residents join Wall Street rallies -- GazetteXtra

"For what it's worth: The Wall Street protests" by Wisconsense -- Walworth County Today

Statement by Bob Tammen - retired steel worker
Aug 26, 2011 10:49pm

Wall Photos

Milwaukee passes ordinance raising standards to create local jobs

New student IDs for voting could cost UW-Madison $700,000 every two years

Wall Photos

The Wisconsin Voter ID Law explained!

Janesville bans firearms in marked city buildings
Funding OK’d for Janesville skatepark -- GazetteXtra

Gov. Walker Recall Effort Will Begin in November - Working In These Times Rep. Pocan, Sen. Risser: Introduce restoration of collective bargaining rights for public employees

The Badger Herald: New IDs to cost $500K

Ad agency to hold Goodstock celebration Friday

Governor Walker to get unlimited donations due to loophole

Wisconsin Proposes Big Changes To Electoral College Votes

Senate Democrats, Republicans to be targeted in round 2 of recalls - JSOnline

Campaign finance law exemption would allow Walker to raise unlimited cash to fight recall

The Badger Movement

Governor Scott Walker discusses potential recall election

Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor, Failed To Pay Full Pension Costs, Despite Pushing Change For Worke

Protest Scott Walker, Scott and Jeff Fitzgerald at Beaver Dam Appearance

March to End the Wars

Occupy Milwaukee

Five things to know about the 2012 Rock County budget -- GazetteXtra

Occupy La Crosse

We are the future! - Oshkosh Speak Out [HQ]

Occupy Wisconsin Together | Defend Wisconsin

Sly In The Morning: Ron Johnson Hiding In Cave

Recall Walker, Elect Peter Barca

Occupy Milwaukee starts tomorrow, Occupy Madison marches for peace

The Paul Ryan Watch: Ryan Was Never Courageous, But Is He A Common Crook, Profiting From His Legisla

Ron Johnson Has Found A Creative Way To Recoup His Campaign Investment

Photos of DEMOCRACY ROCKS - Janesville, Wisconsin

Institute For Wisconsin's Future

Daily Kos: Senator Johnson On The Disorderly Conduct Of Threatening Ladies

Walker slow to make good on pension campaign promise - JSOnline

Democrats to Recall Additional GOP Senators as well as Walker | Defend Wisconsin

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday / Wednesday Protest News Round Up

Occupy Madison

Walker Recall moves Forward – Time to Occupy the Capitol…again

Respond to critics? - South Milwaukee Speak Out [HQ]

Take your parents to school? - Reedsburg Speak Out [HQ]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Time to Stop the Attack on Women’s Healthcare

Start of Occupy Milwaukee

I will get more"Likes"than Scott Walker

Ed Show Exclusive: Breaking News on Walker Recall

Profile Pictures

Feingold on protests: "I'm excited about it"

Walker√Ęs windmill move bad news for jobs, energy

Fitzgerald joins Republican Senate field - BizTimes

Gas tax short of covering roads - JSOnline

Progressives United / Blog / Russ Feingold on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Top two GOP leaders to back concealed guns in Capitol - JSOnline

So, Gov. Walker, we're going to the skies again...

Capitol Report: Millions stand to be disenfranchised by voter ID laws, report finds

WisDems Call on Reid Ribble to Return $10K

Democrats outline Walker recall plans

This recall election is a grassroots response to Gov. Walker's assault on our shared Wisconsin values

Poll Shows Scott Walker Vulnerable to Recall

Are you Recalling Scott Walker? November 15th is the day. |

Contribute now to Recall Scott Walker

Profile Pictures

Democratic effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker over union rights law to start Nov. 15

The Recall Elections--Past and Future, Lessons Learned, Challenges ahead - Janesville

"Occupy Janesville" Main St. Occupation for The American Dream

Welcome to WisCairo - What happened in court this morning:

With One Sweeping Move Dane County DA Violates Rights and Turns Jail Into Concentration Camp

Ralph Nader With A Message To The People Of Wisconsin

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday / Sunday / Monday Protest News Round Up

US protests spread to 1000 cities

The hit for state workers - JSOnline

Milwaukee Ironworkers
Jobs rally tomorrow in Racine!! 11:00 am Racine Marriott. If you're unemployed and in the area, PLEASE make an attempt to be there!! Paul Ryan (with Wanggaard and Vos) will be inside. (as well as a few of the "good Guys"-Cory Mason being one)
Asked our BA to bring guys from our Hall. Ironworkers WILL be there. Please pass along! Looking forward to seeing you there!


Wednesday, October 12th 3:30-5 Eagle River North of the Lights (Across from Ripco Credit Union)

Thursday, October 13th 3:30-5 Rhinelander Oneida and Lincoln Street Corners

Friday, October 14th 3:30-5 Minocqua North of the Bridge

Please Bring Signs Supporting WI Workers and Walker Recall.

A dozen (12) weeks left in this year’s rally schedule. Six (6) hours a month to stand with WI workers.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday Protest News Round Up

DHS to increase premium for BadgerCare program | Wausau Daily Herald |

How cuts hit home - South Milwaukee Speak Out [HQ]

New position created to root out Medicaid fraud

We cannot allow the GAB to ever be bullied into changing election rules due to political pressure by the party in power

BREAKING: Right-Wing “Media” Front Group Denounces Illegal Campaign Activity*

Gov. Walker: Wall Street Greed Has Nothing To Do With "Real Issues" | Political Correction

Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan: Pocan exposes Walker's legislative strategy

One Wisconsin Now Statements on GOP Assault on Voting, Recall Rights

Legislators, tobacco-shop owners debate tax | River Falls Journal | River Falls, Wisconsin

A 'Madison Moment' in New York City 

Occupy Madison starts tomorrow at Reynolds Park.

from Bryan Bliss : "this article isnt accurate. thats not what transpired at the meeting. i have video interview with kevin kennedy, testimony from both hearings and an interview with reid magney from the gab. digital recall petitions are, were and will be legal, they did clarify that the voter needs to supply their own voter specific information when filling out the form. an online certification process and voter info can still be used. looks like the database can still be used as long as the petitioner fills in their own data on the form before they sign it"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday / Tuesday Protest News Round Up

Janesville Councilman Yuri Rashkin Announces Candidacy for the 44th Assembly District

Scott Walker Fast-Tracks Tax Dodging Bill for “Special Job Creation Session” with DOR and WMC Suppor

Pay-as-you go roads - JSOnline

Walker’s Special Session Blocks Transparency

Occupy Madison

Occupy Colleges | Join the Nationwide Walkout at Noon on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chris Larson
Something I noticed the other day: all of Walker's "jobs" bills seem to be just pulled at random from the pile floating around for co-sponsorship with some having little to do with jobs and some that have been sitting idle for months. It reminds me of a child pulling together a book report by googling the topic and then cutting-and-pasting it together. And then, of course, making sure to gut accountability and dish out more tax breaks. I think it's about time we stop the political charade, stop exploiting the bad economy to divide our state, and actually get Wisconsin back on track.

We'll be proposing something tomorrow. Stay tuned.