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Sunday, October 30, 2011

False media reports of Google censoring word "occupy" in China

True or false?

The other evening national media and Facebook reported that the Chinese government had managed to get Google to censor any searches regarding the word "occupy".

Recently, my friend hosted a Chinese English teacher, Toni (Wu Tong), when the media reported censorship of 2 other "politically charged" words in China via internet search engines including Google. My friend and his guest verified with Toni's wife who was still in China that this was NOT true because when they did a mutual word search from our 2 nations on the opposite sides of the globe via Google, both came up with the same results. The censorship report appeared to be false.

Yesterday, my friend inquired of Toni about the new supposed censorship of the word "occupy" and he did a search from his home city, Chongqing in the very heart of China. Below and attached are his results.

Please share widely letting people know Google has NOT censored the search engines - this time for "occupy" - in China contrary to what US media is saying.

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