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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday Protest News Round Up

Current regulations allow mining, thoughtful review

The reconstituted Wisconsin Mining Association (WMA) could learn a thing or
two from Mr. Thomas Jefferson, who wrote in 1774:

“The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest.”
‐‐ Thomas Jefferson, 1774

WMA and its public relations arm are calling for the dismantling of mining regulations so an out‐of‐state company (Gogebic Taconite Palm Beach Gardens, Florida), can wreak havoc on northern Wisconsin’s pristine environment.

The Democratic Resource Office is opening at 1025 South Main Street in River Falls (in the small strip mall by Dick’s IGA). The Walker recall effort will be organized from this location in addition to training sessions, movie nights, book club gatherings, potlucks and much, much more. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will cover a small portion of the rent in addition to all of our telephone and internet costs through the recall, but we'll need more help to keep this going through the fall elections. An ActBlue account has been created to manage contributions for this space. Please be sure to check the box to make your contribution continue for the 12 months to November 2012. Thank YOU in advance for your ongoing support of Democracy in Wisconsin! FORWARD! Contribute now to Keep the Democratic Resource Office Open in River Falls

BREAKING REPORT: Governor Scott Walker will be in La Crosse tomorrow for a ritzy $5,000 a plate fundraiser at the Waterfront Restaurant (328 Front Street South, La Crosse - between the Pump House and the south end of Riverside Park) from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. BE THERE TO PROTEST!

Park in the nearby (free) public parking ramp.

Scott Olsen, a Wisconsin born Vet who was brutally injured by the Oakland police when they used tear gas on a peaceful demonstration, is in the hospital and his condition is getting worse.

It doesn't look good. Brain continues to swell and has been moved to ICU; deciding whether to do surgery. Parents are on their way or have just arrived. Scott's roommate is trying to keep us up to date. SUGGESTION: SEND A CARD or FLOWERS:
USMC Scott Olsen
Highland Hospital
1411 East 31st Street
Oakland, CA 94602

From the Campaign to elect Jeff Smith to the Wisconsin State Assembly:

Today, the 25th of October, I wish to inform the voters of the 93rd Assembly District that I will once again seek to represent them in Madison. Having been elected twice to the Assembly by the voters of the 93rd I feel I represented West-Central Wisconsin with honor and integrity from 2007 to 2011 and it has become evident that true representation is needed again. Since the beginning of this year I have been asked each day to throw myself back into the fray and I believe I am ready to do just that. Since the new legislature has taken office and proven itself to be something other than representative of Wisconsin values more and more constituents of the 93rd Assembly District have turned to me for leadership. It is apparent there is a great need for strong leadership and accessibility to our elected officials. With my election Western Wisconsin can be assured that they will, once again, have access to the office that represents them. Confidence, trust and integrity must be returned to the 93rd Assembly District and I will bring all that to the office.
Jeff Smith, former representative of the 93rd Assembly District

The 93rd Assembly District includes all or parts of Eau Claire County, Dunn County, Buffalo County, Pepin County and Pierce County

The first (of many) official trainings for collect petition signatures for RECALLING WALKER will be held on Tuesday, November 1 at 7 - 8:30 p.m. at the Walworth County Dems office, 10 So. Washington Street (across from US Bank, beside Larducci's Pizza), Elkhorn. Open to all who are interested in collecting signatures on petitions that will be available on November 15. For more information, call Ellen at 262-374-0614.

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