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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday Protest News Round Up

DHS to increase premium for BadgerCare program | Wausau Daily Herald |

How cuts hit home - South Milwaukee Speak Out [HQ]

New position created to root out Medicaid fraud

We cannot allow the GAB to ever be bullied into changing election rules due to political pressure by the party in power

BREAKING: Right-Wing “Media” Front Group Denounces Illegal Campaign Activity*

Gov. Walker: Wall Street Greed Has Nothing To Do With "Real Issues" | Political Correction

Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan: Pocan exposes Walker's legislative strategy

One Wisconsin Now Statements on GOP Assault on Voting, Recall Rights

Legislators, tobacco-shop owners debate tax | River Falls Journal | River Falls, Wisconsin

A 'Madison Moment' in New York City 

Occupy Madison starts tomorrow at Reynolds Park.

from Bryan Bliss : "this article isnt accurate. thats not what transpired at the meeting. i have video interview with kevin kennedy, testimony from both hearings and an interview with reid magney from the gab. digital recall petitions are, were and will be legal, they did clarify that the voter needs to supply their own voter specific information when filling out the form. an online certification process and voter info can still be used. looks like the database can still be used as long as the petitioner fills in their own data on the form before they sign it"

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