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Monday, October 3, 2011

Janesville Councilman Yuri Rashkin Announces Candidacy for the 44th Assembly District

My name is Yuri Rashkin and I run Defend Wisconsin News Round Up.  I also serve on the Janesville City Council.  Today I am announcing my candidacy to represent the 44th District in the Wisconsin State Assembly and I am asking for your support.  Please watch this video of my announcement and share both the video and this post widely.  Thank you.

Yuri Rashkin

For Immediate Release: October 3, 2011
Contact: Friends of Yuri at (608) 754-2424
View video of the announcement:

Janesville Councilman Yuri Rashkin Announces Candidacy for the 44th Assembly District

JANESVILLE – Janesville Councilman Yuri Rashkin today announced he will run to represent the 44th Assembly District in the State Assembly.  The popular, two-term councilman will not seek re-election to the City Council in April 2012, and will focus his efforts on unseating the incumbent Assembly Representative Joe Knilans (R) in 2012 elections.

“I am running for the State Assembly, so that together we can restore respect for the working men and women of Wisconsin. Respect for our teachers, for local control of our communities, and even for the basic right to vote.  Restore respect for Wisconsin,” said Rashkin.  “Joe Knilans has been nothing but a rubberstamp for Scott Walker, someone who turned his back on those who worked with him at the GM plant, and who ignored demands of his constituents to stand up to Scott Walker.”

As a member of Janesville City Council, Rashkin spearheaded efforts to increase government transparency, fought unnecessary projects and expenditures, and initiated dialogue between Janesville and Beloit City Councils.  In March, 2011 when Governor Walker spoke at Forward Janesville annual dinner, Rashkin who was present at the event, walked outside and joined the protesters as Scott Walker was about to speak.  “I stood up and objected to Governor Walker because I strongly oppose his policies and his undemocratic, exclusionary approach to governance.  Vilifying teachers and public employees, while passing legislation that seeks to destroy collective bargaining and public education, hurts our local businesses and leaves Wisconsin at the mercy of out-of-state interests.  This is no way to move Wisconsin forward or create jobs.”

As a member of Janesville community, Rashkin is the past president of Janesville Noon Lions, Janesville Toastmasters and is the current president of United Arts Alliance.  Rashkin created the Janesville Mile marketing concept for downtown Janesville, and hosted award-winning Discover Janesville TV program.

“I believe that whether it is the working men and women coming together to form a union, downtown businesses working together as part of the Janesville Mile, or Janesville and Beloit city councils sitting at the table discussing how we can better and more efficiently serve our residents, it is by working together that we move forward, and that is what Wisconsin is all about,” Rashkin said.  “We believe in fair pay and a secure retirement; that resources we contribute to our community should be used wisely, and that our environment should be treasured, for the enjoyment of all. That's what I believe, and it's what I'll bring to our state government. “

Rashkin and his campaign committee - “Friends of Yuri” - invites the public to stop and visit with the candidate at Janesville institution – the Italian House – on Sunday, October 16 from 4 – 6 pm. 

For more information, see and follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.


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