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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Election Poll!

I don’t know how to make those snazzy polls that Yuri puts over on the side, so you’ll just have to post your answers in the comments below.


Quick poll!

Where will the Republicans “discover” the votes they need to declare victory in the recall elections tonight?

1. On the personal computers of the County Clerks of the various districts involved.

2. On Kathy Nickolaus’ personal computer, even though Waukesha County isn’t involved this time (hey – it worked once! Why pass on a proven winner?).

3. E-bay.

4. The supply closet at ALEC headquarters (but they’ll need to fill out the proper paperwork with Bob in Accounting – those things don’t come cheap!)

5. Oh, here and there, you know how it is…

6. Special shipment just came in fresh from a sweatshop in China.

7. In a sealed box in a locked room, Houdini-style (let the Democrats figure THAT one out!)

8. Divine word spoken directly into Governor Walker’s ear.

9. In the hall closet over at the Fitzgerald place.

10. Some other place that I will explain in the comments.


  1. In the trashcan at the Capitol where they throw out all of the stabbed and popped balloons!

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