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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Redistricting: How the New Republicans wish to rule with a minority of the vote

I've read several blogs, opinions, news articles, and reread portions of US and Wisconsin History texts the last several months. I've learned that it's possible for a minority to take control of the majority via tricks and loopholes discovered or promoted through ALEC and other Koch Brother Think Tanks.

I have learned that the New Republican Party and members are not representative of their constituents and they have also assumed that because they stole an election with lies and deceit they can continue to move our Progressive State toward an Authoritarian wasteland. And, I tend to be positive by nature.

The following Journal Sentinel Article describes the New Republican Party's latest take away of freedom for it's citizens...Restructuring the States voting tendencies to make it even more likely they will maintain what they have gained by excluding more powerful Democratic areas through this redistricting.

So...The Constitution discusses Representative Government and the New Republicans of Wisconsin talk about limited government and local control....This next article discusses another disenfranchisement strategy...Rework Districts not based upon natural population boundaries but rather voting patterns. Both parties have done this in the past and it has taken US District Courts to fix unwarranted changes. Peter Barca addresses this issue.

Arizona privatizes prisons and redistricts communities with prisons to effectively affect voting. When you look at what Scott Walker is moving toward; try to hold onto your job because it may be going to the prison system....It's cheap labor....Is Wisconsin ready for this? When you call the DMV, Job Service, or any other department do you really know who you are talking with?

"Gerrymandering is probably the biggest threat to a thriving two party system today. It allows legislators to pick their voters not the other way around!!! So called "safe seats" discourage otherwise qualified candidates from even attempting a challenge and results in many, many uncontested elections. This is bad for democracy and bad for taxpayers!!!!"

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