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Thursday, July 7, 2011

George Mason University : The New Model for the UW System?

I do not believe the ALEC Plan being implemented for Wisconsin is completed yet. All the Walker-Fitzgerald plans to destroy a Progressive Wisconsin came from ALEC and it's founder the Koch Brothers. This is why Recall Efforts need to be completed and a new Senatorial Mix gained this time and in the Assembly next term or through recalls as necessary. A Recall of Walker also needs to be done but expect all of these to be expensive because the Koch Brother's Wallet is wide open....Links and subtopics related to this overreach follow...

The Koch Brothers Template to destroy Wisconsin will use the Conduits of Walker and the Fitzgeralds. Education, Health Services, and overall an attack on the Progressive State of Wisconsin. Another reason to stay the course with the RECALLS so much of what has been done to all Wisconsin Residents can be reversed.

Governor Walker still wants a Koch Brothers University System. The state's new Health and Human Services Secretary hails from GMU.

GMU history and key people at this University

In depth article about Covert Operations of Koch Brothers

This article from Think Progress exposes how these Brothers are exposed with their methods of pushing the Republican Party or anyone they "buy" to represent there extreme views that would limit government to protecting them at the expense of everyone else...

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