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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday morning news round up

From Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D) Facebook page:

URGENT- I just received a call from Rep. Grigsby who and she informed me the Jt. Finance Committee is about to conclude but the final motion adds the Collective Barginning Changes into the budget! Please share this post as widely as possible and you may want to tune into Wisconsin Eye to watch the proceedings.

It appears they are now attempting to add in newly hired police and firefighters, and possibly transfers, into the collective barginning. This would create inequities where partners sharing a squad car could have one would be paying more than others for their benefits! It clearly shows the wisdom of the State Police and Firefighers joining the oppostion as they knew they would be next in some form!

At this late hour it is not even possible to access the language related to whatever collective barginning changes that they are attempting to add this into the budget! Rep. Grigsby is now indicating how wrong it is to be bringing up these additional collective barginning changes at this time in the morning when most citizens are sleeping! 

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