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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday night news round up

WI Citizens for Election Protection

We’ll soon feel impact of of governor's budget pen -- GazetteXtra

Softball with Paul Ryan - Home Page Videos - Video Player :: Local Vision TV

MPS Announces Most Layoffs In District's History

Alberta Darling and Scott Walker Fundraiser Protest at Milwaukee Athletic Club

Support the Recall of Gov. Scott Walker in Nov. 2012

State Sen. Darling & State Rep. Pasch ready for a heated summer campaign

Madison Moon Walker.MP4

Update on the Memorial Union and Disability Harassment!! « segwayjeremy

Stimulus funding sparks expansion at Waukesha Electric Systems - BizTimes

U.S. senators concerned by photo ID requirement to vote

Taking Back Wisconsin is having a Potluck and Status Update Meeting tomorrow at the picnic shelter in Brittingham Park. The meeting will cover plans moving FORWARD this summer. Pre-meeting potluck will start at 5:30pm and the meeting will start at 6:30pm. Sen. Mark Miller and Rep. Kelda Helen Roys will be in attendance.
For more information and to RSVP go to:

Senator Hansen’s General Election is just 19 days away! | Taking Back Wisconsin

Hold legislators accountable for their state budget votes

From UK

WEAC sues over law giving Walker power over DPI rules - JSOnline

From Senator Jon Erpenbach:
"Free ID Card to VOTE Starts Friday July 1st- The WI DOTwill begin to issue free state issued identification cards to any eligible voter that makes the request for the free ID “for purposes of voting”. If you are a regular voter that does not have a valid driver’s license or a current state issue identification you may want to take the opportunity to receive that free identification card soon."
Obtaining an ID card - Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Lawsuit, Teacher Layoffs Follow Wisconsin Budget Signing

Dear Local Official...  Read this:

Kim Simac's running from radical views - The Northwoods River News - Rhinelander, Wisconsin

The Political Environment: For Wisconsin Jobless, Is Alberta Darling The Bad Cop Again?

"I am here to represent your voice so you can all hear what you have to say"
Stephen Colbert Wins Super PAC At FEC (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert Wins PAC Approval—Without Destroying Political Cash Laws

Elected officials expressing opinions?  That would be setting a dangerous precedent!
Janesville City Council discusses code of ethics -- GazetteXtra

The Republican Plan

Time for repeal - JSOnline

Commentary: Why I voted against Walker's attack on the middle class

Recall Election Dates are Set! | Autonomous Solidarity Organization

UK Strikes: 750,000 Set to Down Tools in Biggest Day of Industrial Action Since the 1980s

Unions: We are not going to be silent | Defend Wisconsin

GOP candidate in Senate recall faces domestic violence allegations | Defend Wisconsin

Democratic Senators urge Justice Department to investigate photo ID requirements | Defend Wisconsin

Just so we're all clear...Chart: Republicans reject their own ideas

Speakout! Milwaukee

Daily Kos: Government Accountability Board...Accountable to Whom?

No Rest for the Wicked

Sly In The Morning: Phil Walzak of DPW: Why radicals like Alberta Darling have to go

State blocks plans to apply for federal health grants - JSOnline

Wisconsin Assembly 48th District primary candidate intro: Vicky Selkowe - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Why I am dropping the Wisconsin State Journal - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Daily Kos: WI Governor Walker's Policies Actually Failing To Produce Jobs

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: The decline of Madison media and the recalls

Sly In The Morning: John Matthews: Why Madison teachers support Vicky Selkowe for Assembly

The Right to Collectively Bargain - Blogging Blue – Blogging Liberally in the Badger State

John Nichols: State poised to renew progressive legacy this summer

Wisconsin Redux: Clark, We Need You!

Carl Gibson vs. Glenn Grothman, 6.29.11.  Isn't it now considered standard operating procedure to hold a cell phone to your ear to avoid speaking to people?


  1. The letter listed above, "Kim Simac's Running from Radical Views", originally posted in the River News online, has been taken down. I wrote to the publisher and asked why. Here is his response -

    Ms. N,

    I just called the editor at the River News and asked why we took down the letter. According to Joe, the letter may contain information that is libel and he is going to check to see if that is the case. Apparently the Simac camp is claiming that the information is not only false by libel. If the information is correct the letter will be reposted, if it is not, the letter will not be posted. If a the same were true of Sen. Holperin we would do the same, it is not on about skewing one side or the other. Libel is the law and newspapers have to live by it, even if it is a letter to the editor.
    If you have anymore questions I would be happy to answer them.

    Gregg Walker

    You can contact the owner/publisher of River News and ask why the letter was taken down. Gregg Walker
    My guess is that they will not repost the letter.

  2. Below is the letter that was pulled off River News under accusations of libel from the Simac camp. I added the links to the articles/you tube videos.)

    Kim Simac’s Running From Radical Views
    Scripted, down-to-earth commercials do not show who the 12th district senatorial candidate really is, a Tea Party radical with a frightening vain of extremism to be run from.

    Simac has based her entire campaign on Senator Holperin’s having gone to Illinois to force patient discussion of Scott Walker’s agenda.. However, it is now Simac doing the actual running. Unfortunately, she and her image crafters under-estimate the intelligence of the Northwoods electorate and don’t understand that a basic familiarity with Google exposes who Simac really is.

    The self-described “quirky American story” she is running from is lengthy and easily available on the web. ( - Simac is quoted in this article)

    She has likened our schools to Nazi indoctrination programs, saying she’d remove her children from them. This is the person to support education in the 12th? ( Kim Simac wrote this blog entry, her own words)

    On her website, she has her arm around Paul Ryan, the man with drastic changes to Medicare in mind. This is the person to support seniors in the 12th?

    In Youtube videos, she says that we need be like third world countries to compete with them, that those who dislike Walker are “mutinous cowards,” and that God is turning from the USA as “sin is embedded in our churches, in our schools, on our streets, and in our homes.” This is a mindset representative of the 12th?
    ( Video of Kim Simac calling teachers, police and firefighters mutinous cowards)

    She has hired a twenty-something from a professional, out-of-state firm called “Targeted Victory” to market her candidacy. Having “remarketed” Mitt Romney, she’s descended from Boston, Tweeting comments to another Targeted Victory operative about us on the way, such as her hope that we have movie theaters “up in the woods..” OMG, these are the people who’ll decide what’s good for folks in the 12th? LOL. (I don’t think pointing out who Simac hired to market her or a personal conversation is libel, no need for a citation)

    Finally, asked to show she’s a candidate of depth and specific proposals, Kim Simac failed to attend a forum in Tomahawk and is non-commital about any others, likely at the direction of her marketers. This is the person bragging about her courage in standing for the 12th?

    Ultimately, not unlike Sarah Palin, the face of Kim Simac presents nicely on TV, but a little study of her actual substance, or at least what we are allowed to see, is reason for grave concern. Therefore, Northwoods voters won’t be fooled by the carefully crafted image of Tea Party handlers. We will share, with everyone, the truth that she is running from, the radicalism formerly known as Kim Simac.