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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Access, Math, Mistakes, and Ducks

I don't follow many conspiracy theories. Having said that; I am really taken in with the Waukesha County Vote. Tammy Baldwin has acted quickly on this but where is Paul Ryan....? Oh yeah! Speaking at an Americans For Prosperity Rally. Apparently he does not Represent Congressional 1? Oops, he offered his Wisdom in Racine...

I've read and posted all sorts of information from newspapers, blogs, and those in the know with IT. I'm sure there are many more opinions, facts, and just good old fashion complaining available. The vote may be accurate but the math does not reflect the recent 2010 Census population for this area. I believe a Conspiracy of some sort has occurred.

The never ending errors from previous elections, the obvious partisanship Kathy Nickolaus has revealed with non-partisan peers, and the secrecy she uses as the Waukesha County Clerk, saving Access numbers; can't help me think about ducks. When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck; it must be a duck. She is said to be very passionate about specific beliefs and those beliefs do not match up, in her mind, with those of Joanne Kloppenburg's. There is no doubt that she would seek a Prosser election just as she did when he was in the legislature and when she worked on his campaign while on duty in her state job. You can't do that! Many went to jail for this but she got immunity.

She has over 14 years of IT Programming experience and claims to have designed a better computer program for elections than what she was told to use. And apparently quite adept with Microsoft Access. Ooops... there is no save is automatic!

Please evaluate what the following links have uncovered or speak to. Conspiracy or Nonsense? You be the judge! Better yet...Let's encourage Erik Holder to take action quickly and utilize the FBI to do the investigation to preserve the evidence and get to the bottom of this. Why the Feds? Well, we have three Fitzgerald's, one JB Von Hollen, and a Governor Walker that has already started action on refuting the Dane County Judge's jurisdiction. He believes Prosser is in to do the "Favor" again not just for Kathy Nickolaus but also Governor Walker.


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  1. I applaud Congresswoman Baldwin’s quick response and appeal to the Justice Department with regard to this Waukesha County voting debacle. Be you Democrat, Independent or Republican an in depth independent investigation is required ASAP because this whole sordid affair is no good for the creditability of the voting process. As for Ryan’s silence on the matter that does not surprise me because he is nothing more than a NEOCON hack.