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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday night news round up (4.3.11)

Group Called "Citizens for a Strong America" Operates out of a UPS Mail Drop but Runs Expensive Ads in Supreme Court Race

Federal Judge - No Interference in Collective Bargaining

Firefighters, Cops Warn Republicans Anti-Union Stance Has Consequences

About the Budget Repair Bill, as told by a Republican police officer

Federal Judge:  State Legislatures Don't Have Authority to Limit Collective Bargaining Rights

April 2, 2011 Zombie Walk Against Governor Walker - video

Janesville, WI rally on April 4, 2011 at 4 pm at Blackhawk Technical College

Monday night Madison solidarity Rally is going to be huge: eight marches converging at 5 pm, Michelle Shocked and Rev. Jesse Jackson 

Stephen Colbert: Madison as Hell

What's the worst thing Koch brothers have done?  - video

Teachers from Milwaukee area bring their school work to the mall - video

Stand up to Scott Walker - video

Contrasting look at top 10 Republican party priorities

University faculty, staff march to the Capitol - Facebook event

Politicususa: Running From the Law:  Trouble in Wisconsin for Republicans

Cognitive Dissidence: Koch Brothers' Heavy Hand Behind Anti-Kloppenburg Ad, Everything Else in Wisconsin

Scott L. Fitzgerald - Wikipedia

Green Bay Progressive

Madison Police look for culprits behind fake flier claiming police will remove citizens protesting in a certain area on Capitol Square

Fitzgeralds can only blame selves

Try taking away these signs! - video

Forward Wisconsin Festival

Government Accountability Board:  Registration and Voting

Live Reporting from the Wisconsin Protests

Isthmus: Out for blood, zombies protest Gov. Scott Walker at Wisconsin Capitol

Boehner: The Poor and Lazy Caused Current Crisis

PolitiFact: Ad says joAnne Kloppenburg jailed an 80-year-old farmer for refusing to plan native vegetation on his farm.  Rated as "Pants on Fire"

Union threatens boycott of any business that doesn't show support

The Raw Story: "No cop in the state" would arrest WI Senate dems

Wisconsin State Journal: "No cop in the state" would arrest Senate Dems: Fitzgerald

British solidarity - video

ABC for Health: What Governor Walker's Budget Bill Means for BadgerCare/Medicaid


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