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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday night news round up (4.7.11)

Janesville Councilman Perrotto loses re-election.  Blames Councilman Rashkin and "the union".

Lobbyist's son to return to old job in Walker administration

Salon: How the World Works - Take that, Tea Party!

TPM: Wisconsin Court Race on Razor's Edge, Likely Going to Recount

TPM Update: Kloppenburg Ahead - With All Precincts Reported

Beloit and South Beloit election results

Update: Kloppenburg has razor-thin lead in Supreme Court race

This is what electoral shift looks like:

Washington Post Greg Sargent: Why the left's showing in Wisconsin Supreme Court race is a big deal

How a Recount Works in Wisconsin

Blue Cheddar:  Recount inevitable BUT Unofficial tally and now Rep. Mason announces:  Kloppenburg wins by 233.  Results Mapped.

Lake Mills votes give Kloppenburg edge

Governor Walker signs Budget Repair Bill - video

Senator Hopper (R) recall committee expected to file signatures Thursday

AlterNet: Have the WI Protests Changed Americans' Political perspectives?'_political_perspectives

Tim Cullen's old-school politics in a new school

TPM: Walker Blames Madison For Supreme Court Election

Jeremy Ryan Sneaks Into Walker Conference - video

Supreme Court vote doesn't shake Walker's resolve

The Nation John Nichols: Kloppenburg Declares Victory Over Prosser in Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

La Follette asks court to withdraw appeal of injunction against collective bargaining bill

Where's Walker?  Visiting DeltaHawk in Racine at 8:45 am on Thursday

Where's Walker?  Visiting Grey Iron Foundry in Manitowoc at 2 pm on Thursday|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Huffington Post Amanda Terkel:  Scott Walker's "Waterloo": 19 Counties Flip To Democrats In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

TPM: Conservative Pundit Sees Vote Fraud In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race - video

Budget Hearings around the state.

Forbes Rick Ungar: Scott Walker's Election Nightmare in Wisconsin

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