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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday night news round up (4.4.11)

Dangerous Minds: New scandal brewing for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Britain's TUC leaders call for workers' rights in Wisconsin

Angela Smillie: Letter to Perrotto

Daniel Bice: No degree, little experience pay off big

I Am A Man: Dr. King & the Memphis Sanitation Strike - video

Dangerous Minds: Wisconsin is going to kick some Republican ass on Tuesday

Poll: Should members of the Janesville City Council be allowed to express partisan ideologies?

We Shall Overcome in Madison, April 4, 2011 - video

Robert Reich: Why we must raise taxes on the rich

Justice Prosser Phone Bank - pictures of familiar faces

Inside Bay Area: East Bay unionists rally for Wisconsin workers, Martin Luther King Jr.

Ryan set to unveil GOP budget with huge changes to federal programs

The 2011 TIME 100 Poll: Wisconsin's "Fab 14" State Senators,28804,2058044_2060338_2060007,00.html

A visit to the Wisconsin State Capitol - video

Think Progress: 2,000 protesters march on Koch Industries' D.C. office

Illinois Republicans reject Wisconsin approach to unions

Washington, Oregon and Canada rally in support of Wisconsin - video

Salon: The battle for Wisconsin gets a high-stakes reality check

Get to know the other side: "Solidarity" is just another word for "we shouldn't have to ask"

The Northwestern: Effort to oust Hopper close to gathering required signatures for recall election|head Anti-union ads share a fake teacher

Bloomberg: Wisconsin Supreme Court race may help decide union law's fate

Robert Kennedy announcing the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Indiana 1968 - video

Wisconsin Right-wing judge is wrong for court

Daily Kos: Scott Walker's administration gave a state job and a 26% raise to the son of a major supporter

Blue Cheddar: Tomorrow's April 5 vote in Wisconsin.  Voting basics and endorsements!

Milwaukee County FIRS: John Doe Probe Becoming Who's Who List For Defense Attorneys

Leonard Pitts: At war against workers while the greedy get a pass

Rachel Maddow: GOP betrayal alienates police constituents

New York Times: Unions rally, linking their cause to Dr. King

TPM: The Wisconsin Union Struggle Timeline

Isthmus: David Prosser waffles on vow to denounce dishonest ads in Wisconsin Supreme Court race

E.J. Dionne Jr. The end of progressive government?

Chippewa Herald: Mental health advocates brace for budget cuts

Washington Post Greg Sargent: Wisconsin recall drive already making history

The problem with Prosser

Politicususa: The working class has sacrificed enough!  It's time the wealthy pay up Big money, union fight shape Wisconsin court race

Fighting Dave Zweifel: Manufacturing discontent

You Can Not Have My

AlterNet: they're poor, scared, less educated, and left behind: new polling data from Gallup on conservatives and red state America

Wisconsin Supreme Court elections must go

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