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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday night news round up (4.21.11)

Rick Ungar:  What Is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Not Telling Us About Financial Stress Test Legislation?

Thunda Around the Rotunda on WTDY

Fred Clarke for State Senate Announcement

Dategeddon has begun.  108 people crammed in DPW all checking recall signatures against the dems

350 Kenosha teachers get layoff notices

State budget rouses faith leaders

As union membership decreases, middle class income shrinks

Bill voiding sick leave law sent to Walker

Washington Post Greg Sargent:  Dems to file huge amount of signatures to recall a fifth Wisconsin GOPer

Democrats in Wisconsin Claim Illegal and Unethical Signature Gathering By Republicans in Recall Efforts

Recall Senator Sheila Harsdorf

Rep. Tammy Baldwin:  Preserving the Medicare contract

WisPolitics:  LFB releases list of non-fiscal policy in Walker budget proposal

Supreme Court Candidates Agree To Partial Hand Recount

AlterNet:  Did Scott Walker Make Another Nepotism Hire?

Woman accused of email threats to 15 GOP senators ordered to stay off Internet

Another Walker pick causes stir

Hidden Handouts to Corporations Found in Walker's Budget

Dan Kapanke Illegal Slush Fund Still Under Investigation

PolitiScoop:  Out of Control Governor - CEO - Puppet?

Governor Walker's Office Denies Private Prosser Meeting

Do you have a question about labor unions in Wisconsin?

Glenn Grothman: American Suicide

Jeremy Ryan:  Shenanigans at OUR HOUSE!! A Lovely Tour of Some Not So Public Areas!! Share!! - video

Why the recount request by Kloppenberg is not frivolous

John Nichols:  Wisconsin Recount:  This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Jennifer Shilling for State Senate

JoAnne Kloppenburg on the Supreme Court Race Recount - WisconsinEye video

Paul Ryan listening session in Janesville, WI

National Review:  Mr. Ryan Goes to Wisconsin

Democracy Now:  Thought Control:  Right-Wing Koch Brothers Caught Telling Thousands of Employees How to Vote

We the People are Demanding our Democracy Back

Felon collecting recall signatures pays fine

Wisconsin Recall Fight Heats up As Democrats Complain Of "Shots For Signatures"  Deals

Wisconsin's G.A.B.  intends to erase evidence in advance of statewide Kloppenburg/Prosser recount

WisPolitics:  Martin still fighting for UW-Madison split

Daily Kos:  Wisconsin GAB will file court case affecting recount

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