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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday night news round up (4.10.11)

AlterNet: The GOP Is in Trouble in Wisconsin

Where's Walker: A Welcoming Party for Scott Walker and his Cronies - Facebook event

Milwaukee County DA, state board schedule news conference on "significant investigation"

Get to know the other side: Rhymes with clown: The real pitch for the Senator Rob Cowles recall

Daily Kos: Comparison of Waukesha and Dane Shows Wa. 3x More Sup. Court ONLY Votes

OpEd News Jonathan Simon: To The American Media:  Time To Face The Reality Of Election Rigging

The Seattle Times:  Thousands protest in Olympia over proposed budget cuts

Budget could threaten access to public court records

Proposed state budget cuts Arts Board funding|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Koch Brother's Products - We're Surrounded.

Hacking Democracy 9 of 9 - video

PolitiScoop: Proof The Fix Is On:  Election Decided Two Days Before Polls Open

Crooks and Liars:  Wisconsin's Place in the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

AlterNet:  our Lives Are Under Threat From Some of the Most Powerful and Richest Entities - Here's How We Can Fight Back and Win's_how_we_can_fight_back_and_win/?page=entire

Progress Illinois:  Solidarity Rally Takes To The Streets In Chicago - video

Governor Scott Walker comments on Wisconsin election results

Murder Spies and Voting Lies Part 1 - video

Looking beyond elections and recalls - sites focusing on longer term issues in Wisconsin

Republican Lawmaker Calls For Investigation

Big Bucks Help Koch Brothers' Influence Run Deep on Capitol Hill

Top Ten Reasons the Wisconsin Election is FUBAR

Baldwin calls for investigation of Waukesha County vote reporting

"There Was a Time In This Country..." - Reverend Kiley Delivers Labor's Invocation - video

WI Supreme Court Election Coverage from Huffington Post Union of Bloggers

OpEd News Eric Nelson: How Wisconsin GOP and Kathy Nickolaus Could Have Stolen the Supreme Court Election if They had Wanted to

Ashland Current: Make This Budget About Jobs, Bayfield Mayor Says

Canvassers meeting in Janesville draws crowd

John Nichols:  No excuses!  Get the court count right

Recall Senator Harsdorf

Adopt a WI Democratic Recall Election Candidate

Daily Kos:  Dem Jennifer Schilling announces candidacy against Kapanke

Schilling for State Senate

Crime and Courts:  Corrections Department not embracing plan to scale back meals

Teamster Nation: WI hack counts votes like it's FL 2000

Milwaukee Biz Blog:  Walker's great train robbery sticks us with a $60 million bill

The 2011 TIME 100 Poll:  Scott Walker,28804,2058044_2060338_2060095,00.html

Rachel Maddow:  I'm seeing A Pattern Here!  When Did US Elections Become So Criminally Phony? - video 

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