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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday afternoon news round up (4.8.11)

Wisconsin court race won't be certified without vote probe

GAB Staff Sent To Waukesha To Review Canvass

Kathy Nickolaus County Clerk Press Conference on Supreme Court Vote Results pt 1 - video

Kathy Nickolaus County Clerk Press Conference on Supreme Court Vote Results pt 2 - video

Paul Krugman on Paul Ryan's budget:  Ludicrous and Cruel

Government Accountability Board:  Election Official Complaints

Daily Kos:  No evidence of fraud, but...,-but

State Senators claim those at hearings are not "regular taxpayers"|topnews|img|FON-News

Contribute to turn Mike Huebsch Assembly seat blue by Cory Mason

Daily Kos:  Kathy Nickolaus in Waukesha forgot to save.  Really?  Evidence that the Waukesha county vote fiasco is clearly incompetence but might not be fraud

Scandal in Fitzwalkerstan: Federal probe, full recount required in high court race

Representatives Mason and Turner are holding their own state budget public hearing - Facebook event

Brian Lynch:  How to Steal an Election

Ed Garvey:  Mad as Hell

BoingBoing:  Homebrew vote-counting software from Clerk in conservative Wisconsin county gives Supreme Court win to Tea Party darling

The Nation John Nichols:  GOP Clerk "Finds" Votes to Reverse Defeat of Conservative Wisconsin Justice

TheJediMaster:  Maybe We Should Just Replace Government Services With Worker Co-ops Wisconsin Voting Shenanigans

TPM: Veteran Lawyers From Franken-Coleman Recount Now In Wisconsin Court Race

Rally at the Capitol - fight for fair elections - Facebook event

Where's Jesse?  JoAnne Kloppenburg and Jesse Jackson to address rally in Waukesha (4 pm) and Madison (4:30 pm)

High-profile lawyers retained for possible Supreme Court recount

Signatures submitted in Hopper Recall effort|head

Solidarity Wisconsin: Interview with Kathy Nickolaus' co-worker

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