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Saturday, April 2, 2011


People are awaking to a new reality! Republicans may be hazardous to your life even if you are not in a Union and even to those who have small businesses. Truth often comes from those who have believed in a concept or idea that they thought was true. The police are not the enemy anymore than teachers or other government sector workers.

The Courts can be your enemy if you have "Stinkin' Thinkin" like Justice Prosser. Be wary of those who support Governor Walker's Team because they are your enemy. However, when you mess with WE THE PEOPLE you need to be concerned!

We begin first with RECALLS with those who look at you and call you hoodlums and scum. The 2% are trying to take away everyone's ability to even have a life... Do not get confused by Republican Rhetoric!

We will continue our way back to a Free Land with Equal Opportunity, Human Rights, and Civil Rights, and other rights this current Governor and Cronies wish to take away as well as our clean environment, water, and Progressive Wisconsin Nature.

We will continue the cause and continue using FIRST AMENDMENT REMEDIES!

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