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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In the light of a new day

After great progressive victories across the country last night people are starting to remember what the Senator Obama's motto was on the campaign trail, "yes WE can." You see, it was never about what he could do for us or for Americans as a whole. It was not yes HE can. The movement that propelled him to the White House is the same movement that defeated the personhood amendment in Mississippi, defeated Senate Bill 5 in Ohio, drives the Occupy Wall Street protests. These people have come together to realize that nothing in this country happens because one person, no matter how powerful, dictates it to be so. Change and progress happen in this country through the voice and work of the people. Looking forward to the year ahead where we hope to recall a Governor that has forgotten about that the voice of the people is the voice of god in this country, where we hope to reelect the man who reminded us of our power as citizens in 2008, where we hope to change the control of congress to members that are looking out for the good of all Americans not just those that fill their campaign warchests it is important to remember that which we forgot in 2010 but was reminded of last night. Yes WE Can and Yes WE Will.

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