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Sunday, November 20, 2011

In Case You Forgot...

ACT 10 eliminates collective bargaining for state workers and others. The alleged budget bill was addressing a non-existent budget shortfall. Walker and Republicans designate public sector employees as enemies of the State. How dare they want money for work? How dare they want benefits like private sector workers? This was a jobs bill?

Public Sector Education versus Private Sector Schools (hand selected Private Schools). The alleged tools given to Public Schools is taking away $1.6 Billion and then giving Corporate-Chartered Schools $35 Million. This is what the New Radical Republicans want…Privatize everything, Get short term savings with long term consequences.

Gut the University Wisconsin and Vocational Colleges funds so they can not attract students or continue the high standards our State has held for years. Why? This Radical Republican bunch wants to keep people out of school, without a chance of employment after graduation, and then dummy down the work force so the Koch Companies and others of their ilk can squeeze labor further in this state and push down wages into 21st Century Serfdom.

Gerrymandering in an extreme partisan and corrupt manner designed to confuse and take away legitimate representation from areas and corrupt elections to elect only Extreme Radical Republicans, move out moderates of both parties, and eliminate all Progressive Thought in the State and have the majority of the State Represented by less than 20% of the actual political thought.

Proposed and passed legislation that is the most restrictive ID Voting Law in the United States. Supposed to be a jobs bill but in lieu of jobs it is designed to disenfranchise target voters who are poor, minorities, senior citizens, students and anyone else that does not believe in extreme right social engineering and who might be considered Independent or Democratic. This law implies that only the landed aristocracy, perhaps, and those who own considerable wealth should be allowed the right to vote. This disguised as a move to eliminate voter fraud which has been proven to be extremely low in Wisconsin except, perhaps, in Waukesha.

Women’s health choices have been attacked in the name of a Theocratic notion that women apparently do not have the capability of making rational choices for themselves. This from a Republican Party that says there is too much government…”get them off our backs”! And then just to be even more mean spirited and nasty they legislated against Gay Rights and restrict their rights to Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness all in the name of another Theocratic Notion that again did nothing to create jobs.

Voted against embryonic research and again brought in Extreme Theocratic Philosophy into the discussion on this and other non-scientific focus that many within this narrow extreme can not understand even if such research can save lives.

Law enforcement did not seek a concealed carry law for Wisconsin. Polls indicated the Citizenry also did not seek such a law and the lack of responsibility in writing this law shows the contempt this Extremist Republican Party has for its Citizens. The law was not well thought out or written to focus on protection of the Citizenry and nearly passed without even a minimum of training required. Is this yet another tool to enable the likes of the Koch Brothers to arm themselves and repel workers when the workers decide they have had enough suppression and rise up to say no more? All this in the name of Public Safety, you say? We already have Public Safety. I guess that is the other “tool” to save the “Job Benefactors” from getting help from the Police. The “Job Benefactors” want no Public Police because they may join the Citizens. They want to Privatize the Police so they have the arms and the Citizens only have pop-guns.

The “Job Creators” will not be “Benefactors” unless all the rules are on their side. Having all the money is not enough. They also want the Power to suppress the Serfs they wish to empress into their new vision of work. To do this they must eliminate or reduce anti-pollution regulations designed to safeguard our fisheries, mines, waterways, and underground water sources. This Radical Republican government created new anti-environmental laws under the guise of being another “Job Creation” bill.

The worse think about these law changes is the selfish nature of them and under the guise of "tools" to help local governments and small business. And people don't understand what the costs of keeping this Radical Bunch in power? We don't have any other recourse in our State. We do not have laws to allow "Initiatives" like Ohio or "Propositions" like California. Thank God we had Progressives who saw into the future and saw that we could, someday, have a situation such as this who would take so many rights away from Citizens as this man Walker and his Cronies.

RECALL RECALL RECALL...STAY THE COURSE AND RECALL those who would take away our rights and stomp on the poor with words claiming they are Christian...Are they not aware that there is other Theological Beliefs? Do they not realize that those 15%-20% who put them in will now be their downfall.


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