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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday Protest News Round Up

Beloit needs help with the Holiday Parade! Holiday Parade 212 West Grand Avenue, Beloit 5:00pm-8:00pm

Rock Co. Recall: UAW HALL TIMES HAVE CHANGED: M-TH 9AM-9PM; F&SA 9-7PM; SUN 12-7. Come in and sign the petition-with a dozen friends & family! Learn the legalities & take some petitions with you to get the signatures of your friends & family. Pick up a canvass packet & knock on some doors. Volunteer to help in the office. Make some phone calls. Sign up for a "Sign and Drive" with a couple of your best friends. One person, one signature, DOES make a difference to bring the change we need.

You don't have to have a particular "assignment" for collecting RECALL petitions. You can to to the UAW Hall, get petitions & instructions, and take them to your friends & family to sign. Walk around you own neighborhood. Get together with a friend, make sure you are on public property or have permission, and collect signatures in high visibility busy spots. You can collect signatures on the public sidewalk outside your child's school, your doctor's office, your favorite restaurant, etc. Be safe!

Defend Wisconsin Awesome Recall Opportunity _ Saturday Nov 26 Game Day. A United Wisconsin to recall Scott Walker's office is located at 1605 Monroe Street (enter from Oakland Avenue). They desperately need volunteers for Sat Nov 26 game day. Folks can work in the office collecting signatures or help canvass or hold signs just outside the office. We will be meeting there at 10 am. Join us and help collect signatures from 80,000 badger fans. Its a really easy way to make a huge difference!

Chris Larson
The dirty tricks continue. Tonight, Republicans are pushing to have their power grab secured by again trying to get their highly partisan redistricting map to take effect in any recall elections. Because a moderate Republican saw it for what it was and nixed it from moving forward legislatively, they are pushing it before the state's dysfunctional supreme court. It is otherwise set to be heard in federal court in February to see if it stands up constitutionally. It is unfortunate that instead of working on creating jobs, republicans are only interested in protecting their jobs. And again, they add fuel to the fire for the recalls. Let's keep fighting and take our Wisconsin back!

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