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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not Open For Business---Open To The Highest Bidder

CONSERVATIVES – believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. Believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems.

Many Wisconsin folks see themselves as fair minded fiscally responsible Conservatives. They like the sound of each of us having personal responsibility, limited government, and an opportunity to sell their goods or labor for a fair profit or wage. We like the thought of individual liberty and to make our own choices and associate with whom we want. These ideals make sense and we like to see ourselves as "The Deciders" of our own individual futures. Conservatives love what are considered traditional American values but not always seek a strong national defense. Historically, Wisconsinites find isolationism a better response to the world problems. None-the-less we believe we should support defense and gladly serve our nation as we can and in the military or other public service. We mostly believe the government role is to enable Wisconsinites an opportunity to pursue their own goals and have the freedom to pursue their own course. All things being equal we believe we should be empowered to choose our own way and solve our own problems.

In keeping with sound Conservative Values....This is what Wisconsin Legislation looks like under Scott Walker and the Fitzgeralds----

Walker and Extreme Radical Republican Legislation

ACT 10 eliminates collective bargaining for state workers and others. The alleged budget bill was addressing a non-existent budget shortfall. Walker and Republicans designate public sector employees as enemies of the State. How dare they want money for work? How dare they want benefits like private sector workers? This was a jobs bill?

Public Sector Education versus Private Sector Schools (hand selected Private Schools). The alleged tools given to Public Schools is taking away $1.6 Billion and then giving Corporate-Chartered Schools $35 Million. This is what the New Radical Republicans want…Privatize everything, Get short term savings with long term consequences.

Gut the University Wisconsin and Vocational Colleges funds so they can not attract students or continue the high standards our state has held for years. Why? This Radical Republican bunch wants to keep people out of school, without a chance of employment after graduation, and then dummy down the work force so the Koch Companies and others of their ilk can squeeze labor further in this state and push down wages into a new 21st Century Serfdom.

Gerrymandering in an extreme partisan and corrupt manner designed to confuse and take away legitimate representation from areas and corrupt elections to elect only Extreme Radical Republicans, move out moderates of both parties, and eliminate all Progressive Thought in the State and have the majority of the State Represented by less than 20% of the actual political thought.

To reinforce their Gerrymandering they created a Voter ID law that is considered the most disenfranchising of voters in the nation. And did so under the guise of non-existent voter fraud unless they were thinking of issues in Waukesha County.

They reinforce dummying down Wisconsin Students with Radical Republication's legislation of new education that may emphasize Creationism in lieu of sound Scientific Education. Reason...The Koch Brothers don't want Science available when they started F racking potential sources of minerals....Someone might object.

Created laws to take away health care rights of women and gays solely on Theocratic grounds.

Legislated a concealed carry law with provisions that are one of the most dangerous to the citizenry in the nation.

Under the guise of protecting the “Job Creators” this Extreme Radical Republican group has voted against our Wisconsin Environment and paved the way for unabated pollution of the environment by any of the Walker cronies and especially the Koch Brothers investments that will destroy our rivers, lakes, clean water, clean air, fisheries and hunting laws.


It is obvious that they do not reflect true Conservatives but rather Plutocratic Authoritarians who are more interested in interfering in the lives of everyone in this State except the Wealthiest here and outside of Wisconsin....Their vision is clear...They are Not opening Wisconsin for Business but rather opening it up to the highest bidder. This is why Real Conservatives, Moderates, Independents, Progressives, and Liberals are getting signatures for the RECALL OF WALKER-KLEEFISCH....ARE YOU IN!


  1. Hi.

    No offense or anything, but I think ye need to be a bit more careful in your writing. What is this sentence: "Conservatives love what are considered traditional American values but not always seek a strong national defense."

    I'm sorry, I stopped reading there.


  2. Just a semantic thought. After the civil war the Radical Republicans sought to create equal rights for former slaves in the South. For this actions they were pilloried in the history books and now have a bad rap. Also, people who want to return to a previous time and place are reactionary rather than radical so I propose that Scotty the tyrant and his ilk be labled reactionary republicans.

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