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Friday, November 18, 2011

Tuesday - Friday Protest News Round Up

Walker Team Launches Ads Claiming Teachers and Kids Matter Most | Center for Media and Democracy

via Citizen Action of Wisconsin: It's "total recall" this week on the Battleground Wisconsin podcast as we welcome Tanya Atkinson back to our panel after her brief hiatus from the show. In addition, we have a special bonus podcast this week on the jobs crisis, featuring a news maker interview with Milwaukee Alderman Ashanti Hamilton. Alderman Hamilton's leadership on the jobs crisis contrasts sharply with the fake jobs agenda of Governor Walker.
Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

New commercial: Scott Walker is not working for us. Watch it, share it!
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

The Recall Integrity
The Recall Integrity Center is the central location for documenting and investigating any cases of fraud, intimidation, or shady tactics as the left attempts to recall Governor Walker.

‎"We've eliminated our middle class..." says State Superintendent Tony Evers. At the Kenosha Speak Out, he connected the dots between strong public schools and economically-healthy communities.
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Recall Walker on Livestream. Recall Walker Info News Source - Watch live streaming Internet TV. Broadcast your own live streaming videos, like Recall Walker in Widescreen HD. Livestream, Be There.

“You… know the folks that were angry about this started a recall and they were told they needed to collect 73,000 signatures in sixty days,” said Walker. “Well, not hundreds, not thousands, but tens of thousands of ordinary people did an extraordinary thing. They stood up and took their government back. In less than thirty days they collected more than 150,000 signatures. It was at that moment I realized the real emotion on display in my county wasn’t just about anger. You see, if it had been about anger, it would have been about people checking out and moving out or giving up. But instead what happened was really amazing. You saw people standing up shoulder to shoulder, neighbor to neighbor and saying we want our government back. And in doing so the real emotion on display was about hope. Today I see a lot of the same emotions on display here in Wisconsin and all across our great country. Obviously, there are a lot of reasons to be angry.”

Twas the night before recall, and all through the state,
Everyone but the Koch brothers were feeling great,
The petitions were stacked, the pens writing well,
Things set in order to free our state from this hell,
Extremists are plotting, though we should hear a wail,
... When those fascist Teapublicans are placed in jail,
They have the money, from two old sad coots,
But our movement is pure, untainted grass roots,
The trials have not finished, but listen and hear,
Our ideals are too righteous to NOT persevere,
We will do what it takes, we WILL win this fight,
Bid farewell to Scott Walker, then party that night!

-A Nick Sachs original, hope it gets a laugh or two! ;)

PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts
Eric discusses the results of the recent elections around the country, as well as the specifics on the recall efforts against Scott Walker in Wisconsin. In the second segment, Eric talks with Yuri Rashkin and his run for State Assembly.

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