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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Janesville Gazette

Dear Janesville Gazette:

I love you. I really, really do! After all, I wouldn’t write you two letters if I didn’t love you. Please go back and read my first letter at:

You just seem to be a slow learner! Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings! But, I have a thing or two to say to you! With a loving heart--always with a loving heart!

In fact, this is actually an article that I am dedicating to you—because I love you so much—and you have so much to learn!

And, you confuse me. You really, really do! After all, the Gazette is a newspaper engaged, presumably, in journalism with a blatant political bias. And, yet, you seem to be making a point in a recent article that local office holders are suspect if they have a political affiliation? Hmmm? Doesn’t that make Bliss Communications very suspect? I am trying to understand. I really, really am!

The Janesville Gazette and Bliss Communications can have an apparent political bias, but concerned community members running for local office are not supposed to have a political affiliation? Check?

What is the definition of slander, BTW? Do you know any good attorneys? I don't need one, do I?

The title the article I am dedicating to you is:

"Democrat or Far Right Wing Rag—The Gazette Never Leaves Us Guessing"

I was seriously asking myself why the Gazette hasn’t run any articles with headlines such as:
“Rotarians Take Over the City Council!” or
“Service Club Members Dominate the County Board!” or how about
“Senior Citizens Flood Local Political Offices!” or, hmmmm…
“Church Members Command the City Council!”

Now, these are headlines that I would like to see—something you might see in “The Onion.” Something to bring a smile to my face!

After all, everyone has a right to belong to service clubs, belong to churches, and to serve their communities. And, everyone has a right to their political opinions and to political association—don’t we still? I haven’t checked lately. Maybe not!

I am a member of the Democratic Party of Rock County and we serve no state or national masters. We have a tiny budget; do no big fund-raising; do nothing more dangerous than have an annual Pasta Party--some people gain dangerous amounts of weight; and encourage everyone to participate in their communities. We do hold community participation in high regard, don’t we? Just checking.

Why, I even encourage conservatives and Republicans to register to vote, vote, and get involved in their communities.

Sit down right now with a highlighter, a good article on propaganda, and a copy of "Republican or Democrat--It's Not Supposed to Matter" from the Gazette for an educational experience. No, nevermind. Not worth the time.

I pray no one has been hoping for independent unbiased seriously researched-based journalism from our own Janesville Gazette--because you are not going to get it. But, what you are getting is a first class education in propaganda.

The title of the Gazette article and the article itself: “Republican or Democrat, It’s Not Supposed to Matter” tells us little and implies a lot. We are being told that our local city elections are becoming partisan--although later on the writer admits that local elections and local politics have always been partisan to some degree. Otherwise, why would someone refer to what must surely be a membership in the Republican Party as a $25.00 fee for a newsletter?

And, my goodness, why are the Ultra-Conservative Republican owners of the media in this area worried about who is a Democrat or Republican anyway? They have all the access they will ever need! Relax! Enjoy! You've got the Editorial Page--what more do you need?

And, good grief! I have gotten quite a promotion! I thought I was just a serving on the board of the local Democratic Party. But, no! Now, I find out that I am a “high ranking member of the Democratic Party of Rock County” along with three folks who are entering local politics. WhoooHooo. I guess we are running with the big dogs now. Imagine our surprise.

I did not know that belonging to a political party might disqualify me from public service. I might have worried about marital offenses, sexual harassment, and such like. Or, I might not have worried since they don’t seem to matter.

Oh, poopy. I forgot. That’s propaganda. The Gazette writer could have said, “Three of the candidates for local office are officers of the local Democratic Party.” That’s denotation--just the facts.

But, the Gazette wants to connote something an ittsy bittsy bit different. Ohhh...ahhhh...they want to portray Demorats as a little bit dangerous. So, three Democratic candidates become “high ranking members...” Why that sentence could end in anything--just use your imagination!

More scary music...and the question, “Coincidence?” What if it isn't a coincidence? What if Democrats have a plan? It has never happened before, but, hey anything's possible! What could be scarier than Democrats with a plan to…wait for it…take over local government? Democrats could…cannot think of anything, but I am shaking in my boots! Oh, wait, I am a Democrat. They had ME scared for a moment!

Oh, and what if it isn’t a coincidence that the Gazette ran this story now? What if…what if…surely not!?! What if the owners of the Gazette want the readers to vote for Republicanish type non-partisanish contenders for local elections and THAT was the point of this story?
Are Republicans also gearing up for more partisanship in response to the current climate? Now, that would imply that Republicans haven’t already been actively seeking to dominate local politics? What? The article kinda sorta made it sound like they couldn’t identify any Repuplicans on the city council or county board. Hmmm...what would happen if we did a background check of everyone on the county board or city council?

And, my goodness, that ugly word, “springboard” came into play! Holy kitty cats! Springboard. I have never heard a worse accusation in my life. A Democrat might “springboard” from a local position to a higher political position. I predict that this word will be bandied all over Facebook on the Republican Party sites. Ohhhh…Ahhh…I predict that someone will write about this. Democrats are springboarding everywhere--something that has never been done by a Republican. Ever.

Would it be splitting hairs to point out that some of the folks on the city council might just be denying that they “belong” to the Republican Party but are splitting hairs and could not really deny that they are Republicans or conservative in values or ideology? Or that they vote Republican in every blessed election. Because, if there is anything nastier than spitting hairs, I don’t know what it is. Sounds disgusting.

For example, the Gazette can almost skate by with this article passing as journalism by interviewing someone from Madison and questioning a few Republicns--did I say Republicans? I meant to say city council members. And posing a rhetorical question or two about whether the R’s are responding to the bruhaha in Madison…Uh, the answer to any question about R’s responding to bruhahas in Madison is “No.” The R's are not responding to the bruhaha in Madison. They are causing the bruhaha in Madison. I love the word "bruhaha," don't you?

So, the Gazette couldn't find any Republicans on the Janesville City Council or the Rock County Board and we are being asked to believe that Democrats entering local elections are the cause of increasing partisanship. I hope I have completely misrepresented that.

Thank goodness some lady pointed out her anxieties about another council member’s comments. It is my professional opinion that she cannot take the heat and should get out of the kitchen and take medication. My goodness—how self-serving can you get!

The idea that people cannot work together to solve community problems and manage our local government is crazy.

The idea that people do not have a right to political affiliation or that makes them unable to serve their communities is horse hockey.

The idea that the Gazette ran this article just to let the Republicans know who to vote for is totally possible.

It is the Gazette that has an agenda. It is Bliss Communications that has an agenda. We are not going to get open and honest journalism from this newspaper. JMNHO.

But, it isn’t the agenda that bothers me. No, it is the complete lack of sophistication in how it is presented. How stupid do you think we are? Pretty stinkin’ stupid obviously!

Hey, I am smart! I deserve good propaganda! I deserve the best propaganda. Get up earlier and work harder.

I loathe, despise, hate, abhor, detest, abominate, and repudiate being underestimated! The readers of the Gazette are intelligent discerning people who deserve better than this!

If you are going to serve us propaganda, then by G-d, I want better propaganda! I am sick of this puerile transparent rubbish! No more with simple negative connotations. After all, Democrat is a positive word in some circles! I love Democrats!

Stop with the simple formulae and give us some propaganda with meat on the bones! Give us some research that is hard to repudiate! Give us some glittering generalities, testimonials, and more bad logic! I want to hear some good bandwagon speeches! Make me work harder!

Bliss Communications thinks the residents of South Central Wisconsin are so d@#$ dumb, that we don’t recognize blatant attempts to sabotage candidates for city council. The Gazette thinks you and I are so stupid that we don’t know that not officially joining the Republican Party means that you are not a Republican.

[Someone, please let me know what constitutes libel and slander and if I am getting close?]

Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings! Bless your hearts! I just love you to death! Want a piece of cake? Pie? I've got candy! I want my own radio show. Oh, has anyone mentioned that you need more balance, any balance, actually, on the radio. Happy New Year!

Your friend,



  1. I would LOVE to have a spot on the radio. I think it would balance the nonsense they call radio right now.

  2. I would for YOU to have a spot! Great idea!!!

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