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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some Progressive Ideas from George Lakoff

As the Recall of Governor Walker Continues....Keep in mind that there Progressive is not a bad word...Teddy Roosevelt was one of the founders and Fighting Bob La Follette sought clean government as well. That is part of it. Words Matter and getting an understanding of the multi-faceted Occupy Movement is another....Keep the Faith....Keep getting those signatures. Then when the time is right court those who seek to lead and heal the movement further. We have many any allow those who seek Walker's Position an ear....We need someone who can rally the most liberal-left libertarian, and moderates of all parties to unite and smack done this mean spirited Far Right Radical Republican Bunch and then heal this Great Progressive State with Moderates that understand economic populism, social responsibility and Forward Thinking. We can't get it all in one swoop as much as we would all like....Recall, Heal, and then Move Forward!

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